January 10th, 2007
i wish this was me right now but it’s not

I just added a long overdue FAQ to the adfree blog site. I feel good about what i wrote.
(added note: it may interest some of you to know that the adfree blog concept has been embraced in the US in moderate numbers, and also met with some anger, hostility (in the form of personal attacks), and hate in some cases. Apparently it is taboo in this culture to question advertising, (though I had no idea when i started.) What is beautiful and interesting to me was that the concept was completely embraced, heralded and adopted by the web culture of Spain! i got wonderful letters, cheers, and requests to make the logo in spanish in the hundreds. It did demonstrate to me the difference in attitude of the two countries. Viva espanol!)
some sites i think are great:
[RE]inspired blog. a response to the recent ‘red’ product marketing campaign, raising money for the global fund to fight aids. [RE]inspired aims to “encourage conscious consumption, and provide a means of involvement for those unwilling or unable to buy Product (Red) products.”
what you make it. what life is.
free soil, a “collaboration of artists, activists, researchers and gardeners who take a participatory role in the transformation of our environment.” comes from the brilliant ami franceschini of futurefarmers fame. I really enjoy their neighborhood beautification acts. scroll down to see the ‘how to’.
top ten book shops in the world. i’ve done half of them. sadly half are out of business now.
maira kalman embroideries
lizzie ridout, from one of my new favourite blog reads, windowsill.

Jan 10 2007
8:02 pm
Krista writes:

Another great bookstore to add to your list if you haven’t already visited – McNally Robinson Booksellers. Locations in Winnipeg, MB and New York, NY.

Jan 10 2007
9:08 pm
Enthusiastically Human writes:

i love the “what you make of it” site. thanks for sharing that.

Jan 11 2007
12:13 am
Helena writes:

I personally think that Nicholas Hoare Books should also be on the list … I love the ambiance in there. By the way, when Living Out Loud first came out, I brought my copy to This Ain’t The Rosedale Library to show the owner and he ordered it on my recommendation. He liked it too! :) (Daisy and I get to spend lots of time in This Ain’t The Rosedale Library since she takes ballet classes right around the corner at The National Ballet School.)

Jan 11 2007
1:55 am
Best regards writes:

Check this:

Jan 11 2007
6:42 am
Sophie writes:

Great links! Thanks for sharing :)

Jan 11 2007
7:13 am
maureen writes:

thank you for being an inspiration.

Jan 11 2007
11:13 am
Rebecca writes:

Hey keri, i love the more frequent updates, links and always the best part – the collages! keep it up!

Jan 11 2007
1:27 pm
Crissy writes:

Thanks for the links! Keep up with the awesome blog! :)

Jan 11 2007
3:51 pm
Julie Ann Shahin writes:

Hi Keri…I was just wondering – there was a KSmith that left messages on my blog and I was wondering if it was you? If it was, I was honored that you would visit my blog!

Jan 11 2007
4:27 pm
Anja writes:

I’m looking forward to exploring the links – I’m so glad you’re continuing to write on this subject. Thinking about it, perhaps it isn’t so strange that people hate you for questioning advertising. Their lives revolve around it, don’t they? My we’re so in the hands of the advertisers.

Jan 11 2007
5:36 pm
CCC writes:

I’ve always loved your blog; have followed it for years :) and it has inspired my to do many things in my own life. Thank you…

Jan 11 2007
7:38 pm
PJ writes:

I’ve read for about a year..comment off & on…loved your purity in this blog the insightful thoughts just keep me going. Ad free- yeah…the thought you got hate mail just seems crazy…the way advertising drives this country is major. leads to a very wishy-washy people- that can be lead so easily or at a whim. I can’t say i’m 100% not, but I absolutely feel the fight against it.

Jan 13 2007
12:43 am
Kristin writes:

Not that my comment is related to this post, but I wanted to share something I think everyone could understand. I recently found some sad news regarding a business in my town that is closing. It’s called The Book Bag in Thousand Oaks, CA. It is a non-profit book store that sells gently used books for about $1-$5 each. It’s owners can no longer keep up the store and it will close. I feel guilty that I haven’t even visited it. It bothers me that I haven’t. I wish there were something I could have done to help. (Unfortunately I found out too late) I feel sad…why? Why does this bother me so? Even though it’s a small store, it is a rather large loss for our community. I would appreciate it if everyone just made a nod of recognition for a bookstore that has brought so much to our community. Thank you!

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