May 15th, 2010
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I went through the dark cave

and emerged relatively unscathed.

Everything went the best it possibly could, I had minimal cutting (one layer instead of four, based on the fact that the cancer cells had not extended into deeper tissue). The plastic surgeon only had to do a few stitches to close it up, (this is nothing to what they told me I might have to go through). Whew! It was pretty nerve wracking, I was at the doctor’s all day Thursday and at the plastic surgeon’s until 8 that night. I actually walked 14 blocks to the apt. in the east village with one eye. That was a wild experience and rather challenging as it’s a bit disorienting and New York City is crazy.

Here is what I avoided followed by what actually occurred (six tiny stitches). The red indicates cutting and sewing.

Now I just have to have it checked every few months to make sure the cancerous cells do not return.

I am SOOOOO glad to be done. We are home again and I am just taking it easy today. it’ll take some time for the whole thing to fall off my body.
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful letters and well wishes you have sent. I wish I could reply to every one, but I need to rest for a time.

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