October 5th, 2011
i spoke too soon

a list

1. the colic is not yet finished. my little one has ceased napping during the day and is not a happy camper. I should not have celebrated.

2. I found out recently that I am a “post consumer”, after doing a google search on “how to make your own shoes”. I should have known. This prompted a new book idea.

3. I get a new book idea every week (on a good week I might have several). yes, it’s true. Some make it. Many don’t. I write them all down.

4. I had thought that not many people were reading this blog as I have not been posted as frequently lately. Then I found out a friend’s site was swamped with traffic after I linked to her. oops.

5. So, um, hi there! Apparently you are still here in large numbers.

6. I got a new book idea while having pre-labour contractions, though I didn’t really know they were contractions at the time. I thought I was just feeling a bit “crampy”. My body was telling me that time was short, so I did a book proposal in 48 hours and submitted it before real labour began.

7. I use “U’s” in my words. Favourite, Labour. It’s okay, I’m Canadian.

8. My wikipedia page used to say I was American. Someone fixed it though. Thank you.

9. For anyone out there who still has a problem with my adfree viewpoint, there was a nice piece on NPR today about TV shows that are ads themselves. Talk about blurring lines.

10. On that note, I am being interviewed for a largish newspaper tomorrow about adfree blog. Nice.

11. I scored a review for Finish this Book in a magazine that I really love and respect, but I can’t tell you yet who it is. I’ll give you a clue though, it’s kind of a literary magazine. I’ll let you know when it’s out. It’s kind of a dream come true. I just hope they like it.

12. I got two good reviews for Finish this Book on Amazon. The first one is really wonderful. It was also reviewed in Nylon, and hit a bestseller list in NYC!

13. I am going to make my own shoes. Did you guess that already? I’ve been reading this blog in preparation. Plus he has a beautiful Vardo.

Oct 6 2011
1:14 am
fafa writes:

How much it was good when you posted regularly

Oct 6 2011
3:39 am
pixie writes:

Ha ha! Oh my goodness, I’m in love with paleotool! I’m yearning to hitch up and drive to some of the amazing gatherings he has listed. And I, of course, love that you’re making your own shoes. I’m going back just now to check out that leather supplier.
Adfree! Go, Keri, go! There is so much to celebrate here. There’s no need to postpone joy. Even if it’s just a momentary happy dance. :)

Oct 6 2011
11:14 am
Rhoda writes:

It never fails that little ones will always make the “celebration to soon”. I finally got to the point that I would try not to celebrate, it would just jinx me :)

Congrats on the review. I’m sure they will love it!


Oct 6 2011
5:04 pm
folkscallmejonny writes:

I am here in large numbers and contain multiples.

I like the way Canadians say “about”. It sounds like “a boot” – so it’s not surprising you are making your own shoes.

I don’t get much post but I still enjoy consuming it.

To advertise in this space – get in touch.

Oct 6 2011
5:15 pm
amy writes:

yes :) we all still read
i am madly in love with ‘finish this book’ at the moment.

love. it.


Oct 6 2011
7:53 pm
LilaLena writes:

Just recently, I discovered the ‘Art Not Adds’ button on somebodys blog – and immediately thought the style reminded me of yours. It was a good laugh when I found out it actually IS yours. I quite like that attitude, so I decided to use one of those buttons on my own blog.

On a different note: Fewer posts don’t make the ones you write less enjoyable. :) So, thanks for that!

Oct 6 2011
10:24 pm
amanda writes:

I ran across your blog maybe 3 or 4 years ago and found you to be crazy inspiring at a point in my life when I was running really low on creativity… So I check in often :)

Oct 7 2011
12:50 am
Kathy writes:

You don’t update very often, but I follow your blog closely, along with mmlist. Whenever you do get a chance to update, I know it’s a good one ^___^

I’ve been wanting to make my own shoes for a long time now. I started altering a lot of my clothes and trying not to buy anything. I told my friend my goals and said “I want to make all my clothes, but I guess.. I can’t make shoes!” Then I thought, “why not?” Why not :)

Oct 7 2011
2:54 pm
hana writes:

two days ago we also celebrated our little girl’s happiness in the evenings (where there was crying for the last 3 month …).
tonight we had it again :(
now we’ll keep our fingers crossed for our daughter, your little Ida and all the other babies (and parents!) who aren’t through it yet.
thank you for your lovely blog and your last post – which was the first one I read (and I immediately understood what you were going through)!
PS: to celebrate is better than not to ;o)

Oct 9 2011
2:43 pm
Jenny Smith writes:

Savour is another good one!

Oct 9 2011
10:00 pm
Shanah writes:

Wow I had no idea that you were Canadian! I too am Canadian, and I am a huge fan of yours so this makes me happy!! Also, not everyone from Canada pronounces words like ‘about’ in a way that sounds like A-boot. Depends where you’re from :) I am still a huge reader of this blog. Mostly on the sleepless nights dealing with my sick baby hehe

Oct 10 2011
6:36 pm
joni beach writes:

I’ve enjoyed visiting your site…I came via my SARK book, “Make Your Creative Dreams Real”! My Best, joni

Oct 10 2011
7:43 pm
Elizabeth writes:

Hi there —

I’m a recent student of Tibetan Buddhism (mostly through Geshe Michael Roach’s teachings), and I remember you mentioning your studies and Pema Chodron. I’m certain that all her teachings are wonderful, but I’m wondering if you would recommend a place to start? Is there a certain book you’d recommend first? Or, any online source that’s particularly good?

Thanks so much!

Oct 10 2011
9:10 pm
Carla writes:

ha!ha! Keri!!!!!!!!!!!!! BETTer make LOTS of those shoes…cuz/those of us who can’t find shoes need them! For Realz…birkenstocks are all dun! booo!!! Come up w/ a catchy name or not dude….I need shoes! :) Love you and your life, love CARLA

Oct 16 2011
3:32 am
anna writes:

I’ve been wanting to make my own shoes for ever… thanks for linking to paleotool’s blog, that’s a great resource. Shoes feel like the last bastion in my Skills-for-the-Revolution prep. I’ve been saving the rubber from my blown bike tire for years now, thinking i’ll use that in the soles… one day! I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with. Cheers, Anna

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