October 21st, 2008
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i need your help with something

About a month ago I got a wonderful letter from a grade 4 teacher in Waller Texas.
Ms. Smith-
Hello! I am a 4th grade teacher from a school here in Texas. I have recently stumbled upon your book “Wreck This Journal”, and have fallen in love with the creativity and “free-ing-ness” of the book! My question to you, is there any way that my fourth grade team and I can write some sort of grant or request to get about 120 books for our fourth grade students? Within our grade we teach a lot to our students about self-discovery and being able to be ok with making mistakes, and I just know that this book would be so liberating for so many of our students, we just can’t afford to purchase that many, especially with our school budget being cut in half in the past year. Is there anything we can do?
I hope we work something out! Thank you so much!
Todd Nesloney
4th Grade
Fields Store Elementary
Waller, Texas

I first asked my publisher if they could donate the copies, but they had already done so with a class last year and I know they cannot give them to everyone who asks. Then I looked at what I would have to pay for them myself with my authors discount (I get them with a 40% discount). Which would be approximately $950.00, (a bit much for my cash flow at this moment).
So I came up with this idea…
I am asking you to donate anything you can to this cause (any amount, it does not matter. it could be $2) Every person who donates will be entered into a draw for signed copies of my new book (and a little surprise gift from me). I will give away five in total. After a few weeks, no matter how much has been raised, I will make up the difference to pay for the books.
Why am I doing this? For many reasons. While living in the US I was saddened by the state of the public school systems, they have very little money to pay for books, the arts programs have been cut out (in some cases completely). Creativity is not a priority in the curriculums. So I would like to do what I can to help bring it back in. (I will be visiting in local schools as much as I can in the next year). If I could, I would buy books for every class who asked. And I will try to do this for all who are genuinely interested in my work. Also, I am very inspired by Dave Eggers and his new site, Once Upon a School.
So will you help me?
Donation link has been closed. Thank you to all who donated! Our goal was reached.
(I’ll keep you posted on the progress.)
p.s. I we happen to make the full amount or go over I will add $500 of my own money either to buy more books for another class, or to go to the ‘once upon a school’ cause.

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