March 24th, 2011
I made the front page of Penguin UK!

Along side Julia Child, Roddy Doyle and Clive Cussler! Today I feel like a rockstar and I’m going to try and enjoy it. See it here, I don’t know how long it will be up.

Mar 24 2011
2:42 pm
cassandra O'Leary writes:

Wow congratulations Kerri thats great!! I am a huge fan of your books they are great fun!!

Mar 24 2011
4:48 pm
anne writes:

How exciting! Congrats from paris!!

Mar 24 2011
6:00 pm
Caatje writes:

LOL! Don’t let all this fame go to your head, well…maybe just a little. ;-) Seriously, this is way cool!

Mar 25 2011
7:39 am
Johanna Hörrmann writes:

A rockstart indeed! :)

Mar 25 2011
3:32 pm
Jenny Smith writes:

Yahoo!!! Sister!!!!

Mar 25 2011
4:12 pm
Claire writes:

how exciting!!
you rock, you’re a star :)
enjoy the moment… x

Mar 25 2011
10:43 pm
pixie writes:

WOW!! Good going! You are a total rockstar!

Mar 26 2011
1:52 am
Zann writes:

Oooh, can just imagine how you feel…and I hope you sell lots and lots of notbooks!

Mar 26 2011
6:42 am
Fern writes:

You ARE a f*ckin rock star!

Mar 26 2011
10:48 am
nina writes:

I’ve always thought of you as a rock star, May all your books go platinum!

Mar 27 2011
12:06 pm
KhrisTinna writes:

Hi there!!
Woah, so cool!!! It looks great, Keri, congratulations!!
I actually love your work, you’re such a inpirational woman that everybody should admire!!! haha
Love XXX

Mar 28 2011
9:22 am
shannon writes:

congrats to you!! you deserve it. enjoy…

Apr 1 2011
7:46 am
Dreaming Bear writes:

Yahoo!!!! Congrats! You deserve it!!!

Apr 2 2011
12:22 am
Rachelle writes:

Congratulations Keri! Your books are a huge inspiration to so many of us — you deserve the recognition!

Apr 20 2011
2:47 pm
wendy writes:

oh and i saw this and thought of tilden

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