August 10th, 2011
I love this video!!!

made by Sadie (a kick ass 13 year old filmmaker!!!)

Aug 11 2011
1:09 am
Jessica Wagstrom writes:

That’s so cute! And inspiring, that she’s already trying what she wants to do! I think it’s fantastic that it’s so easy to grab a camera, film something and edit it these days. I would have loved those resources as a kid, I spent so much time with my mom’s giant, clunky video camera that you had to put the blank tapes in, drawing title cards and attempting to script/frame shots. And no way to edit. This video makes me happy. :)

Aug 11 2011
6:48 am
nina writes:

i love it too!!

Aug 11 2011
1:13 pm
Clare writes:

What a wonderful piece, by a clearly talented young lass. Thanks for inspiring her to create it, and then sharing it so we too may be inspired.

Aug 11 2011
6:18 pm
jackie writes:

that is flippin’ incredible!!!

Aug 11 2011
8:49 pm
eli writes:

Great movie!

Aug 12 2011
9:43 pm
Naomi writes:

awesome!! ^.^

Aug 12 2011
9:56 pm
Becky writes:

Well that was cool :D

Aug 12 2011
11:06 pm
Sadie writes:

Hello all!
This is Sadie (the creator of this video), I just wanted to thank you all for your comments. Each of them are wonderful and lovely, and it thrills me beyond words that you enjoyed my movie!

Aug 13 2011
1:50 am
Sandra writes:

This is really great. I wanted to make a Wish Jar since long, but had forgotten about it. Thank you Sadie reminding me again with your magical video

Aug 15 2011
11:58 am
Ellen writes:

Hello Keri and Sadie
Just wanted to let you know that this video is also watched in the Netherlands. In our language a Wish Jar would be: een wenspotje. Think i’m gonna make one too. Thanks to your very instructive video that should be done in a wink of an eye. I’ll spread the word (and the wishes) over here. Keep making books (I adore them, Keri), wishes and movies! Love, Ellen

Aug 19 2011
3:35 pm
Cassondra Schindler writes:


You are an inspiration. Thank you for making this video!

Aug 21 2011
9:09 pm
Carolyn~ writes:

Yay! I love it. I am going to make my wish jar. After all these years, I’m gonna do it! Thanks, Sadie and Keri.

Aug 26 2011
11:47 am
Francesca writes:

Sadie, your video has worked its way under my skin! I showed it to my boyfriend’s 9 year old son last night, and decided we would make our own. I love the buoyant motion of it, the dancing post-it notes, the flashing handwriting… And what is that song??

Sep 3 2011
11:47 am
ryan B writes:

that is soooo cool she is just like you

Sep 27 2011
3:13 pm
Delores Manderelle writes:

I know! I am subscribed to her. I also enjoyed her video “How To Show Someone You Love Them.” Sadie is a very sweet girl too!

Oct 6 2011
7:45 am
Wibke writes:

So nice! I am going to make my wish jar, too. Greetings from Cologne.

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