October 7th, 2012
i love this video

Wreck this journal (Destroza este diario) dia 1 from Vicent Mcloud on Vimeo.

made by spanish fans of the Spanish version of Wreck, Antonio J. Luque and Irene Sobrevielart.

Oct 7 2012
10:57 am
lisa jean writes:

dear keri, we need more people like you in the world! thanks for sharing your creative wisdom.

Oct 7 2012
12:06 pm
Ruluque writes:

Very cute Video.

Oct 7 2012
2:23 pm
Folkscallmejonny writes:

Looking forward to the sequel “How to Restore a Wrecked Journal” then maybe ” Wreck this Journal Again”, then Wreck this Journal IV – but this this time it’s Personal” Hasta la Vista, Baby!

Oct 11 2012
1:58 am
Sylvia writes:

That was ace! I particularly liked putting the Journal on a lead and taking it for a walk! Ha ha.
Keri, you are inspired, and inspiring many people to just let go and enjoy their creative journeys. Bravo and all the best!

Oct 12 2012
5:37 am
Still Wrecking writes:

I love also the music by Björk in this video…
watch the original by Betty Hutton: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3mUVOckCZ4
I am totally inspired for today!!

Oct 14 2012
6:16 am
Amnah writes:

Hi Keri,

Just saw this course on Buckminister Fuller, and you’re the first person I thought of, hope you find it useful :)

Everything I Know: 42 Hours of Buckminster Fuller’s Visionary Lectures Free Online (1975)


Oct 16 2012
3:27 am
kjersti writes:

hi keri!
i really love this site. it makes me happy. all the stuff you do, i admire the work.

thumbs up for wreck your journal! :-)
kjersti, norway.

Oct 28 2012
8:52 am
Mijbil writes:

the whole “wreck this journal” concept is lovely, I am a big fan! : )
big hugs from an Italian girl in Sweden! : )

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