August 22nd, 2011
I love this house

One of my favourite houses in Flesherton is for sale (no it’s not mine), but I have spent many magical evenings there. You can see the listing here. It would be perfect for a family of artists, one who would like to grow a vegetable garden and have lots of space to create. Located in a small village with a bakery, two good restaurants, a cafe, a new library, an amazing cheese shop and all the nature you could want. And you could be my neighbor a few doors down (hence the plug). We will spending our summers in Flesherton from now on. This house has a really great energy, the family who is selling it are dear to my heart. Any takers?

Aug 22 2011
11:06 am
Theresa Misenti writes:

Let’s do it, Keri!
Thinking of you and your big(ger!) family. Sending you light and love!
-theresa (from Design Ranch 2011)

Aug 22 2011
11:30 am
Caroline Sheppard writes:

It is like a scene from Alice in Wonderland :)

Aug 22 2011
12:51 pm
Tara Benwell writes:

What a great way to secure good, creative neighbours! I love this house. I have no idea where Flesherton is. I must look it up. A girl can dream. :)

Aug 22 2011
12:55 pm
Tara Benwell writes:

Ha, I just looked it up. It’s just over 2 hours directly north of us! Road trip?

Aug 22 2011
1:40 pm
Amanda writes:

Oh i love it! look at that garden! it looks so much more peaceful than where I currently live (Cookstown, too much development happening).

Aug 23 2011
4:59 am
Caroline Wickham writes:

~ and there’s my Mom’s garden chairs on the patio..’cuz I gave them to the owners. Yes, beautiful house both inside and out…in the most beautiful of locations!

Aug 23 2011
1:15 pm
ganching writes:

I would love to buy this house. I am used to London prices so it seems unbelievably cheap to me. A girl can dream indeed.

Aug 24 2011
3:27 pm
Michelle writes:

Wow, that place is awesome! If only I could unload my Michigan place and come back home to Ontario.

(Great blog, btw, It’s inspiring for this aspiring illustrator!)

Aug 24 2011
10:26 pm
chasing lightning bugs writes:

good neighbors are terrible to lose and equally hard to find. good luck finding great people to share your little corner of ontario! it’s a lovely house.

Aug 29 2011
1:04 am
Alisa writes:

I love this house! I’m just not in a spot in my life where I can buy it or move there. Tempting though :)

Aug 29 2011
2:41 pm
kitty writes:

I would love to live there!
But we just moved into our new home and I vowed NEVER to move again. ;)
*and the fact we live in Holland … XD

Sep 2 2011
8:53 am
Lisa Pijuan-Nomura writes:

That house is spectacular! Alas, we are moving to Hamilton in the next few months but i would love to find a house like that with a neighbour like you!

It’s a small world, as we both know Hamish McDonald!

Hope all is well with the new baby!

Sep 6 2011
10:57 am
Brittany writes:

wow, what a beautiful place! whoever snags it is pretty lucky. :)

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