February 18th, 2014
i just bought this on Etsy

Feb 19 2014
11:04 pm
Laurie writes:

Okay, I’ll bite. I don’t see a picture. What did you buy? Something fun, I hope. A new treasure, perhaps? I hope whatever it is gives you joy. I really appreciate your blog, Keri. It makes me think on a whole different level, which is a very good thing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Feb 20 2014
9:11 am
finne writes:

there is no picture, or the link to the picture is broken

Feb 20 2014
5:31 pm
Lemai writes:

Hi Keri! I’m Lemai. I just love your books. When my dad got me a Wreck-This-Journal for Christmas, I fell in love with it in like 2 seconds. I also love your sense in being daring. It’s really cool that your are so creative to make these books.

Feb 21 2014
7:41 am
rie cph writes:

Keri – rocks! :-)

Feb 22 2014
4:23 pm
finne writes:

Hello Keri, I used to read your blog years ago and enjoyed your illustrations and thoughts.
Are you still an Artist? What do you create these days? Is there any visual stuff from your hand we can see somewhere nowadays?

Feb 26 2014
8:05 pm
Patricia writes:

Clever, I think we’re on a similar page re: info overload, multi-tasking, people having dinner while looking at their cell phones,branding, consumer/consumptive culture and the like…Rebecca Solnitt Field Guide to Getting Lost is on my to read list, just finished Derrick Jensen’s A Language Older than Words…and watching God Grew Tired of Us about the lost Boys of Sudan was another mind opener for me…

Mar 3 2014
1:11 pm
Lise writes:

Ha! This is awesome :)

Mar 4 2014
10:30 am
Christian writes:

LOL! This is so epic. I would also buy that! :D

Mar 5 2014
4:42 am
Carin Wallace writes:

She bought the page to her own book. Fantastic. I found the link if you want to look.


Mar 5 2014
12:37 pm
Finne writes:

It is such a pity you don’t illustrate anymore!

Mar 7 2014
12:50 pm
Elle Jaye writes:

Hello Keri! I bought your book over the weekend and began wrecking my journal today. It’s possibly the most genius book I’ve ever purchased and will pay for itself 1000s of times over in terms of opening up my creative mind for life and for work. Genius. I bought one for a friend, but I can see myself buying one for all of my friends. Did I mention genius? Thank you!!!

Mar 9 2014
9:42 pm
kerismith writes:

I illustrate my own works, just not other people’s. I’m perfectly happy with that!

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