February 9th, 2009
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hup holland, translations and magic fairies

i am being pulled in so many directions these days it is hard to keep up. i am not sure what is happening out there but is seems like some kind of critical mass has happened with my readership. this may be surprising to you, the fact that I seem unaware, but I live in a tiny bubble of sorts that floats around on the outskirts of “the real world”. (read previous post)
though I wonder, has something happened that I don’t know about? I received an email from a huge bookseller in Amsterdam saying that my books were selling more than Harry Potter there. I immediately thought it was some kind of joke and responded saying as much. So to all of you in Holland that are responding to my work a huge ‘thank you’! I am so very flattered and humbled. We are trying to plan a speaking engagement there for the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted.
several more translations have happened in the last few weeks including, Korean, Chinese, German and Dutch. and I have been invited to present my work at the Learning, Arts and the Brain Summit this spring, put on by the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. I have also been asked to be a consultant for the department of Science Education at the University of Chicago on a special project they are working on.
plus one other secret mission is in the works but I can’t share it just yet. I am off to San Diego in a week to discuss something big and exciting that I have never done before. all will be revealed much later.
so if there is something happening out there that I don’t know about, please write me and tell me about it?
maybe there is some magic book fairy who is sending lots of exciting things my way.
whoever you are, thank you!
p.s. something I just wanted to mention. it seems that amazon has named me the author of a new book entitled “Boyology: A Crash Course in all things Boy” which is coming out this spring, published by Chronicle Books. I wanted to clarify that I only illustrated the book, it was written by Sarah O’Leary Burningham. I will write more about it at some point. Suffice to say I wish I had read it when I was a teenager but alas there was nothing like it in those days. It would have helped me A LOT.
update: i found this link about “wreck this journal” entirely by accident. it was nice to read. i guess that explains a few things.

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