November 19th, 2003
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how to decorate for free for the holidays

I have been asked to provide a list of links for holiday decorating. After pondering this for while I realized I have none. The reason for this is simple, I don’t usually buy decorations, but instead use whatever I happen to have lying around or things I have found in the forest. My favourite method of decorating is the “use what you got” technique. Why pay for decorations when there are so many interesting things at your disposal for free? So I came up with this short guide which documents the various methods I have used in the past. Each year is a different theme decided spontaneously once a tree is found. My main objective when decorating is to have as much fun as possible, and to not hurt myself. I have in the past spent a colourful night or two in an ER room {read: drunk tank}, due to stepping onto a rusty nail or having a run-in with some wire cutters). Oh, the lovely tetanus. Such is the cost of making art, but I digress…
You have heard it said before, when attempting to make an appealing display using one simple thing in multiples works wonders. As does a monocromatic color theme. Or you can ignore that all together as I did a couple of years ago and go crazy with color (using paper)! Just do what moves you. And remember…a little paint and some mulled wine goes a long way (just don’t mix them together.)

If you have any ideas to add please leave a comment! Us crafty folks will thank you.
In other news…
My lovely friend Stu gave me a Mates of State album. It makes me happy.
Our friend Kristan Horton has been working on an installation for Ydessa Hendles (the Teddybear Project), which was profiled on the radio tonight. He always has something interesting and possibly strange on the go. Yay Kris!

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