October 20th, 2003
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Hortence & Giles

The opening went very well. I got to meet the brilliant artist Ryan Price (it was a double bill with him and I). His work is so beautiful and haunting, the pieces make you want to look deeper into them and at times avert your gaze.
I’d like you to meet two of my newest creations…

Giles has a tendency to get into some rather messy predicaments, but luckily Hortence has a penchant for problem solving. Together they make a good team. A story is slowly evolving.
I am torn today between work and wanting to spend some time outdoors. I’ve really been excited about making a series of dolls based on these new characters. The doll idea is inspired in part by the T&O dolls designed by Marilyn Neuhart (who worked with Charles and Rae Eames). So I started my first one the other day. Basically I printed the design onto iron-on transfer paper (with an ink jet), ironed it onto some white cotton, and sewed it up in a pillow type format. (The trick with this paper is to keep the iron moving over it, peel up a corner to test, it usually requires more heating in my experience. After I go over the blacks with a permanent marker to make it stronger.) Then I added a felt scarf, and made a cute little black felt purse for Hortence. I think the thing that makes me the most happy in this world is bringing something to life, going from idea to execution. Hortence is travelling around with me now, seeing the world*. Sometimes I feel like a kind of Dr. Frankenstein. “It’s alive!” [insert manic look here] This style of “pillow” dolls reminded me of going into fabric stores as a child and seeing racks of doll patterns printed onto flat cotton. Usually in the form of ugly teddy bears or hollie hobbie. I like that I can use the concept to my advantage here.
*My digital camera is on it’s last legs, so sadly I cannot post photos today. I will try and get some up soon.
I finally picked up “Sunny” by Robin Mitchell & Judith Steedman, it’s fabulous! It comes with a c.d. of really hip tunes (which are actually not just for kids, I’ve been listening to it over and over.) The flap has instructions on how to make your own instruments.
True story: Today Amazon.com recommended to me “Living Out Loud”. How appropriate! At least they’re paying attention to what I’m into.
Liking this Eames Stationery!
I think I will compromise by going for a walk in the woods and then sewing up Giles. Oooh, that sounds nasty doesn’t it?

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