November 5th, 2004
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home again

I was amazed to find myself adapting quite well to living in a car for a couple of weeks. Space is completely redefined and priorities shifted. One creates an entirely different scale of judgement for many things. A bathroom was “fancy” because it had a nice smelling hand soap. Starbucks an absolute luxury because they have a selection of teas (and coffee that does not come out of a machine!) One will do just about anything to not have to eat at a chain restaurant or a gas station, but there are parts of the country where that is impossible, (much to my dismay). How my heart did soar when we would enter into a city again with a fancy health food grocery store. Eyes widening over a selection of fresh produce and organic deli sandwiches. Body rejoincing at the thought of detox tea, and citrus.
12 states in nine days. This planet is so immensely beautiful. Some of the sights and experiences have changed me forever. Some things are a blur. The last few cities seemed to blend into one. Omaha, Denver, Chicago, where was that restaurant again? How did I get here? Random moments stick out in my mind. Peeing in the snow in the middle of the night, amidst silence. A bonding moment with a woman in a Chicago rest room that made me smile for a couple of hours (I walked in on her by mistake, she exclaimed, “It’s o.k. honey, it’s all the same, I got nothing you don’t”). Singing christmas carols loudly while driving on dark roads. Getting caught in a snowstorm at the top of a mountain and having to turn around, being the only car on the road. Exploring an old mine shaft at the back of a cool cafe, filled with that dripping, damp, moldy smell, (the smell of claustrophobia). The feeling of moving my legs again after hours in a cramped space. Finding a great cafe, (with books) and sitting down to write.
some great things…
I picked up a calendar of “the Wuggly Ump” by Edward Gorey, it has some of my favourite drawings of his ever.
The above drawing is of a tea container that I had in a cafe in Madison (the drawing was done in the car, which I don’t really recommend as it can lead to a slight bout of nausea as I quickly learned.) I had never seen one like it before. If anyone knows it’s origin or where I could get one I’d be happy to know.
I believe my new journal from Lovely design is currently at my post office. can’t wait, can’t wait.
I am overjoyed at Loobylu’s Month of Softies project!!! Want to sew, want to sew.

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