July 30th, 2009
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handmade, homemade vision

“There is a new worldwide movement developing, made up of people with a
different vision for their local communities.  They know that movements are
not organizations, institutions or systems. Movements have no CEO, central
office, or plan.  Instead, they happen when thousands and thousands of
people discover together new possibilities for their lives.  They have a
calling.  They are called.  And together they call upon themselves.
In many nations local people have been called to come together to pursue a
common calling.  It would be a mistake to label that calling ABCD, or
Community Building.  Those are just names.  They are inadequate words for
groups of local people who have the courage to discover their own way — to
create a culture made by their own vision.  It is a handmade, homemade

-John McNight from the lecture Community Capacities and Community Necessities
I received a copy of this lecture as a member of the E.F. Schumacher Society. It is a must read.

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