August 12th, 2011
guess what I have in my hands?

sorry these are not the greatest photos. I literally have minutes to put this up so it’s the best I could do before someone wakes up and needs to feed again. hopefully this will tease you enough that you need to see it in person.

after receiving it yesterday my husband made me some tea and forced me to go outside by myself and enjoy the moment (after dealing with a colicky baby for the last few weeks). so I had a nice hour with it and I feel so very proud and in love with the results. this one feels different than the last few books, I really went out on a limb with it and so I truly have NO IDEA how it will be received. I think if you already respond to my work, you will really enjoy it. REALLY. I MEAN IT. as always, my test for it is “Would I HAVE to purchase this if I saw it in a bookstore?” and the answer is most definitely “YES!!!” I so wish I had time to fill in the pages myself right now. but I have to leave it for you to do.

I wrote a little teaser for it:

coming this September…

What do secret orders, nature explorers, imaginary landmarks, underground publishing, buried treasure and secret disguises have in common?

They all feature heavily in “Finish this Book*”, the newest title by Keri Smith (creator of Wreck this Journal). Part mystery, part journal, part activity book “Finish This Book” invites the user into a secret world of their own making. The only question is “What will that world look like when you are done?” You have to complete it to find out. This book does not exist without you.

*published by Perigee Books

You can preorder it here.

Aug 12 2011
12:10 pm
Caatje writes:

congratulations Keri, looks like another wonderful book will be coming out very soon. This must be so exciting!

Aug 12 2011
12:21 pm
Ramona writes:

look forward to having it in our hands.
i give your books as gifts to all the teenagers in my life.

Aug 12 2011
12:49 pm
Kelley writes:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! (caps necessary) :)

Aug 12 2011
3:03 pm
Rebecca writes:

I can’t wait to buy it! :D I love your books!!!!!!

Aug 12 2011
10:29 pm
ron writes:

Congratulations! I can’t wait to get a copy.

Aug 13 2011
1:45 am
Sandra writes:

Congratulations Keri, your b&w style pictures so speak to me. Love your books!

Aug 13 2011
5:49 am
Folkscallmejonny writes:

Is it finished?

Aug 13 2011
9:26 am
nina writes:

I love it already…big plans for gift giving!

Aug 14 2011
11:19 am
julia writes:

I have all of your books and I can’t wait to get this one. The books help me with my perfectionist side.

Aug 14 2011
12:45 pm
Anna writes:

I have all your books and I can’t wait to add this one to the collection. Congrats!(:

Aug 15 2011
12:25 pm
Nick writes:

F_nish Th_s Com_ent. K_ri Smi_h = Epi_ W_n!!!

Aug 15 2011
8:32 pm
Mary writes:

I’m making secret plans to spend time with this book…

Aug 16 2011
11:08 pm
LUISA writes:

CONGRATULATIONS, KERI! I live in Chile, so it is a bit hard for me to get your new book :( but I hope to have the opportunity soon!
Best wishes and congrats! :)

Aug 17 2011
8:20 am
Brittany writes:

gah! omgomgomgomgomg cool!
look at that, your books turn me into a 16-year-old.

Aug 27 2011
10:25 am
KYLIE writes:


Sep 4 2011
1:12 pm
ryan B writes:


Sep 6 2011
12:15 pm
Bubba writes:


Sep 7 2011
2:27 am
emily writes:

great work i have orded it online and it should be in the mail when it comes out!!! thx so much

Sep 26 2011
6:17 pm
Carmen writes:

GOT IT!!! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! thnx so much, and continue writting!!!

Feb 26 2012
4:58 pm
Barbara writes:

I received the book as a gift from my 35 year old daughter. I am 63 and my 6 year old granddaughter and I are having the BEST time together “finishing” the book. The process is an incredible bonding experience for closing the generation gap. No more grouchy Grandma! Thanks!

Mar 5 2012
3:11 pm
lea writes:

i MUST have it!!
your books are made in exactly the right way, i love them

Apr 15 2012
7:25 pm
Lily writes:

This fantastic book kept me glued from page one. (I know that must sound corny, but it’s the truth) Keri, AWESOME job.

Jun 29 2012
8:47 pm
Kimmiz writes:

I did exactly as you hoped. I saw your book in a book store, sat down with it and had to bring it home.

Can’t wait to start, thank you for sharing your creative talent with the world!

Jan 19 2013
4:01 pm
Megan writes:

I ordered this book today and i CAN’T wait to get it :) I’ve nearly completed wreck this journal and i love it!!

Jul 17 2013
9:01 pm
Destiny writes:

I absolutely love this book! I have established my secret guild, thanks to this wonderful book! It really changed the way I think of things. It also made me realize how much fun I used to have with imaginary worlds. Thank you, because YOU have brought my imagination back to life.

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