November 29th, 2003
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Yesterday I was in the city dropping off some collages to Distill. There are nine pieces of mine on display there for the next little while (for those of you in the Toronto area). You can see a sampling above, though these are not the exact works to be displayed. My friends Allie and Kelley have created such a wonderful collection of things in their little gallery, all are completely unique and full of surprises, you will be amazed. I got to see a beautiful show of Graham Gillmore’s work at the Monteclark Gallery. It is hard to see the detail on the website but the backgrounds of his pieces are comprised of a variety of found paper collaged onto the canvas. Old ledger books with handwritten script, children’s homework assignments, all with browned edges and beautiful patina. The type (various cutlural sayings and popular phrases) is overlaid creating a dymamic sense of depth to work. I was grateful to get to see it up close and feel immersed by it all. The majority of them were quite large (15 ft).
While perusing a copy of Real Simple Magazine in a bookstore I was inspired by a photo of a felt covered photo album. (Thanks to S.Kim-design for the link!) It was a slip-on like cover with lovely simple felt designs sewed onto (dress, stockings). Since I’m on a big felt kick, I’m going to experiment a little with this concept and create my own versions for gifts.
In other gift idea news… For some time now I’ve wanted to tell you about Two Herbal Mamas, (I’ve been waiting for them to get their web site up and running.) I met one of the Mama’s on a studio tour and fell in love with both her energy and her products. I am rather picky about face cream (must smell good, must be all natural, and feel good on my face). The Rosemary Face Cream covers all the bases. I so love that they make all of their cosmetics out of stuff from their own gardens. When you support these two girls you are taking care of yourself and giving back to the planet at the same time! (A little anecdote: I burned my hand rather badly two days ago by grabbing a pot handle that had been in the oven for several hours, blisters and all. I used the healing salve on it and was virtually pain free. It has since healed completely.) I have no vested interest in this company other than I really like finding people who do more than just “sell stuff”. It’s much bigger than that and I knew immediately that this company was a really good thing.
My friend Kris was wearing a great pin the other day that said:
“Everything is Interesting”, done by the artist Kelly Mark. I wanted to steal it!
Every once and a while I find a site that makes me want to jump up and start creating. I just have to share with you a recent find that does just that. Cynthia Malaran. I aspire to such greatness. (sadly she does not seem to be updating the diary.)
I made some of these as gifts. Mine are ornaments though, not cat toys. Link via craftster.

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