September 15th, 2004
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greetings earthling

some random jottings…
I am sitting here with a cup of orange spice tea, needing to start work. So hard today, to get into the work. I want to go out and soak up the last tiny bits of a summer that never really showed up. The sun is begging me to go and visit with the trees, to climb up a hill and get a greater view of things.
I have begun knitting a new scarf with soft orange wool on large handmade wooden needles. A gift for my husband. The needles make a lovely clicking noise as I work. How infatuated with yarn I am these days. I would like to fill my house with buckets of brightely coloured spools of the stuff.
My house has decided to rebel against me in a variety of different ways including, plumbing, washer, sewer, etc. I feel like a survivalist, ready to fight a battle against nature at any given moment, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. No toilet? Fine, I will shit in the woods. Can’t drain the sink? No problem, I will wash the dishes in a bucket. As I am so often fond of saying, ‘contrast is the spice of life’. One does appreciate a working toilet so much more, when one has been deprived of such things for even a few hours.
On Monday I saw the Nathan Jurevicius show at the delightful Magic Pony. I now want to obsessively create many little action figures with tiny houses, oh my. A sucker for the smell of new plastic I am, memories of X-mas’s past abound.

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