August 15th, 2012
Good news! More Wrecking…and a call to all teachers!

Have you seen these yet? Wreck this Journal has been expanded and given several new covers to choose from. I am very pleased with how they turned out! My personal favorite being the paper bag. But interestingly it is the red one that people are responding to the most. The story behind it is somewhat serendipitous. I had created the first two covers and we were needing a third, but nothing was working for me. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of (I am rather particular about how I want my books to look). But none of my hundred or so attempts had the right feeling. Immediately after I got off the phone with my editor, after feeling a bit frustrated with it and wanting to give up, I found the perfect solution while making my dinner. Do you know what it is? Sometimes you just have to let go and let the answer come to you on it’s own.

I also have some very good news for all of my teacher readers. My editor at Penguin has been hard at work on a teacher packet for “wreck”, (she has done an amazing job), and you can download it here for free Keri_Smith_teacher_packet (it includes some pages from Wreck, so you don’t have to buy it, unless you want to.) As you may or may not know, I am totally over the moon when I hear from teachers who are using my books in their classroom (it happens a lot now in all levels of education), and I have wanted to create something like this to help them in the process!

So to celebrate the release of the new covers and the teacher packet I am going to donate copies to three classes (one for each student), so to all you teachers out there, write me and tell me why your class is great!

Aug 15 2012
10:08 pm
Rebecca Yates writes:

My classes are so sweet …my students are from rural kentucky and they are some of the most sincere, kind people on earth. I would love to surprise them with thier own book and watch the creativity come alive at West Hardin

Aug 15 2012
10:10 pm
Caroline Vermeir writes:

Hi Keri,

First I’d like to congratulate you with your career and wish you luck with whatever is still coming your way.

Second, I’d have to come clean about the fact that I am more of a workshop teacher than an actual teacher, but I love your books so much I can’t just let this chance slip away.

During my graduation I worked on a project about bookbinding, organizing workshops about it. The most important thing I wanted to learn my audience was to be aware of the ‘form’ they were creating, rather seeing a pile of paper bundled than just ‘a book’. That way, they were more conscious about the fact there could be no paper sticking out of the paperblock to make a perfect book. I love your work and see a great deal of significance there, and hope you see it too.

All the best from Belgium,

Aug 15 2012
10:21 pm
Jodi England writes:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!?! This is awesome! I want to write and tell you why YOU are great! and I will…later…soon..but, later…because I want to win these copies!
I have been teaching art for 12 years in the same school district and recently took a leap of faith and accepted a new position – in a new school district. The timing for change just felt right and everything has fallen into place. So…I am excited to meet my new classes which I am certain will be GREAT! I have been using Wreck this Journal in my classroom for several years, and have given the book to many students over the years, as well (all of your books make great graduation gifts!) Sharing your books and activities from the teacher packet are what I am most looking forward to in my new classrooms. Change can be kinda scary…the unfamiliar…but, you are going with me & I think that I will be alright. I thank you for bringing joy, creativity, spontaneity, and a sense of play to my students and thank you for thinking of teachers with this giveaway!

Aug 15 2012
10:25 pm
Bri Johnson writes:

Hi! I am a young adult librarian at a public library and I run a weekly writers’ group with kids in grades 4-6. We publish a famous (kidding) quarterly American humor magazine called Sheepish Duck. (You can read it here:

This class is great because they write whatever they want. Sometimes I find very funny writings online (McSweeny’s, etc.) that mirror what the Sheepish Duck kids naturally come up with, and I think—did you steal that from a kid? If kids wrote exactly what came out of their mouths at all times, we’d be overwhelmed.

A teenage girl introduced me to your work, and said that I remind her of you. When I looked you up I felt extremely flattered! Thank you for your work.


Aug 15 2012
10:28 pm
Mari Villarreal writes:

Keri, I adore your books!
My class, and whole school, is “great” because our first focus is creativity and the love of learning, playing and discovery. We go out of our way to make sure our art is linked to everything we study. We teach that the process and individuality of their work far outweighs the product.
I would love to give each of my students a copy of your book. I have been giving them away as gifts to all my teacher friends for the last few years. Thank you for your inspiration!

Aug 15 2012
10:36 pm
samantha montgomery writes:

Hello Keri,

First of all, I LOVE your work! I teach a class of students on the spectrum & the oppurtunity to use these books in class would be great! This could help with sensory needs & some abstract thinking!

Thank you for the oppurtunity & chance to win for the class!

Aug 15 2012
10:49 pm
Elisa McClain writes:

Hi Keri,
I am psyched to use your materials with my elementary school students in the school library. Wreck-inspired activities are a great way to build confidence, strengthen healthy relationships, and have FUN while connecting art, reading and writing to our everyday lives. Thanks so much for sharing this resource-we’re going to have a blast and learn so much.

Aug 15 2012
10:51 pm
Lysa Lynch writes:

Hi Keri-
My two kids and I love our copies of “Wreck This Journal” and “This Is Not a Book”. I’ve been a classroom teacher in Gilbert, AZ for 18 years. This year, I have a new position as a K-3 Reading Coach. My “students” this year are actually the 17 kindergarten-3rd grade teachers on our campus. My job is to mentor them in the area of literacy by listening to their struggles and suggest ways to improve student learning. I really believe that your Journals would be a great way to ease stress, show some humor, and get the teachers creative juices flowing in their own lives and in their classrooms. I hope you agree! I love the new covers (especially the paper sack).

Aug 15 2012
10:56 pm
LauraLee writes:

My class is great because it is small! We homeschool three boys. My oldest has participated in many of my pages with my original “Wreck This Journal” book, then he made me a Christmas version as a gift. This summer, he and I created our own “Wreck This Journal” type of book with cardboard, paper, and duck/duct tape. All my boys have voluntarily helped me fill my “lint” page in my original. I find the activities fun to do together, or share with each other what we’ve done individually. What a blessing it would be to give each of the boys their very own, and see how it sparks their creativity!

Aug 15 2012
11:05 pm
Sarah Gross writes:

What a fantastic contest! I teach freshman English at a STEM school. All of my students are brilliant at math and science, but they usually come to me as English-class haters. I also teach a lot of perfectionists, so writing can frustrate them. It’s difficult for some students to let go and allow themselves to create something because that sometimes involves failing a few times on the way. Wreck this Journal is perfect for encouraging them to let go and allow themselves to have fun!

Thanks again for helping out teachers!


Aug 15 2012
11:18 pm
Adrienne Speer writes:

I think your books would be a great tool for the classroom! I’m so happy that you are creating a teacher packet. With all the emphasis on standardized testing, kids need some time for creative play. I think my high school Art 1 class would love your books because it would give them a chance to experiment and think creatively! I highly encourage out-of-the-box thinking, and often tell my students that the weirdest ideas make the most interesting artworks. Sometimes it is hard for students to break away from the norms, like lollipop trees and a sunshine in the corner of the page, and I think your activities would be a great ice-breaker at the beginning of the year to jump-start their creativity and get away from conventional thinking.

Aug 15 2012
11:29 pm
Tawnya Bator writes:

Why is my class great? Let me count the ways. We are a six grade class full of 32 different personalities. Each one of us is unique and our talents are different. My students make me laugh, My students give me grey hair some days, and some days I want to go to my happy place and cry. But no matter what day it is, I wouldn’t trade them for anything because they are my kiddos and they truly are the greatest!

Aug 16 2012
1:44 am
nicole mckee writes:

hi again. one more thing…
i would like to say that my class has been doing a creative journal for 10 years and this was what finally challenged them to push the limits of their creative bubbles. i may not deserve a class set for this… but i know they would use them in class regardless of them buying them or someone else … :) so thanks! and good luck with everything. please keep inspiring my kiddos (ok they are high schoolers, but they are still my kiddos)
ms mckee

Aug 16 2012
2:03 am
Jill Sprott writes:

Keri, thanks for the download! I’m always searching for fun and creative activities for my homeroom students, and they’ll get a kick out of this. In the packet, the following line caught my attention: “When I was a kid, I shut down all of my artistic inclinations, for fear that they would not be
as good as I wanted.” I teach English to juniors and seniors, and I can relate. As much as possible, I try to work artistic components into projects. Art isn’t just for art class. For instance, when we study Blake, we create our own “illuminations,” and every year, I am overwhelmed with wonder, looking at the poems and artwork on my classroom walls. It saddens me to see students who feel inadequate and intimidated when they are given opportunities to be creative, and I so admire those students who learn to embrace themselves just as they are. The process of journaling, of embracing the freedom to just let ideas flow, is liberating, and I love that your journals embrace a spirit of play that needs to be more present in our classrooms.

Aug 16 2012
2:16 am
Amanda Miduski writes:

Hello Keri

I was so excited when I saw the opportunity to apply for copies of “wreck this journal”. I stumbled across your books at a Barnes and Noble store and fell in love right away. I am going to explain how I found your books and why I use your discovery and creation exercises in my classroom.

I never believed art teachers when they told tell me they had no time for personal creation once they started teaching. I could always find the time but could not find any motivation to create anything. In a given day my imagination is involved in over 100 projects! Sadly I started to think of art as work.

I forgot how fun it was to scrub, scribble, spill, stain and scratch. I did not have to be inspired I just had to start. Before I knew it I was diving into my charcoals then a watercolor and finally, a finished canvas!

I began to think of my students and how they too have difficulty coming up with ideas at times, just like myself. So I put your books to practice in my classroom. I found my students became far less concerned about weather or not they were doing their projects “right” or “good”. Instead they became more at ease or confident with their ideas and learned to enjoy the process of creation.

If we are chosen we will use them as a daily practice at the beginning of the lesson. Thank you for this opportunity to enter for such a generous donation. We look forward to the opportunity.

Aug 16 2012
3:00 am
Anne writes:

My class is great because my pupils have a great teacher (who is full of herself)! More seriously my class is great because my pupils are interested in everything and are always very applicant. I just love them.
Thank you Keri for your books. I will start one again this year with my 9 to 11 years old pupils.
Greetings from France.

Aug 16 2012
3:21 am
karri smith writes:

I am an afterschool program teacher. My students are in school from 7:30am to 6:00pm. Your book would keep them interested and creative after such a long day.

Aug 16 2012
3:30 am
Rebecca Bowen writes:

WOW! I like the covers, but the grey looks really cool ^.^ Love you KERI! XOXOX

Aug 16 2012
3:47 am
jennifer karch writes:

Hi Keri, I have 5 of your books, I’m Canadian artist/art teacher/curator living in Italy and I think I should have a copy of your book (the paper bag one is my favorite and I’ll tell you why: I use your books for my work at the Museum of Modern Art in Trento, Italy MAR and in art class at the International School of Verona, so double trouble! I’ve written to you often, but to no avail because I wanted to tell you about the course I did on your work at the MART. We did some explorer things and guerrilla art exercises. Now I have developed a guerrila art workshop for students at this fantastic museum and I’m doing it in english for middle school kids. We have all been inspired by your ideas, many of which I’ve done before but never sat down to think about the process, as you have done. Your books are inspiring to me, to the museum and even to my students at the International School of Verona, as I do the Explorer of the World in all my art classes (middle school and grades 9, 10 and 11) for selected students. They have come up with quite a collection. So keep on insipiring!

Aug 16 2012
5:53 am
amy writes:

My class is awesome because I work with drop-outs, and they share the most amazing stories that are full of hope.

Aug 16 2012
8:25 am
Tanya writes:

My class is awesome! Well, its my first year teaching and I haven’t met them yet but I know when I use this journal they will be AWESOME!

In my district the parents focus on math and science and my goal is to show them how important creative writing is! This is the perfect tool!

Aug 16 2012
9:48 am
Kristine Ann writes:

I know I left a comment before explaining WHY I would like copies of this for my class, however, I forgot to tell you why they are the best class EVER! I try to set my classroom up in a way that lets creativity flow because these students are bursting with it. I don’t believe in having the kids sit in the same seats all day. I have an area that I put a carpet and bean bag chairs down so that the kids can read comfortably and enjoy the story, instead of getting “desk butt” as they say from sitting in their chairs for too long. There’s several other tables around the room and at the beginning of each school year, my students lay a blank long piece of white paper that covers the whole table and I let the students sketch, write, or sign whatever they are thinking and then we mod podge over it so that those are the creative thinking areas. Why does this make the class so awesome? Because every year the tables look completely different and the kids bring new, fresh ideas to the classroom and not only do they learn from me, but I get to learn from them as well. Wreck This Journal would be such a great addition to the classroom because that creativity can flow past that first day of designing our tables. It would be so great to see how different each one of their journals turn out and I love the idea that there is no right or wrong in these journals. 5th graders would really think that Wreck This Journal is the coolest thing they’ve done in school yet! Please pick us and we will promise to destroy these journals with our creativity!

Aug 16 2012
11:41 am
Beth Fuller writes:

Hi Keri,
This is great! I am on year four of teaching MIDDLE school art, a path I never thought I would dare to venture down. Middle school was for me, the worst three years of my young life. Teasing, bullying, exclusion, awkwardness, hormones, it was terrifying. So when I was presented with teaching 11-13 year olds, I thought, ok, I am going to be the teacher I would have wanted in middle school. I’m going to try to make a classroom that is safe to MAKE mistakes in. So, my classes are so great because they are in the most vulnerable stage of falling out of a creative life and here at my middle school we catch them. At this age, art can be the key or it can be cut out, my kids are so great because they know how important it is to make mistakes and learn from them. Our kids have found their home in our art classrooms (mine and my dear collegue and friend Barrett Vail-whom with I would share:). Thanks so much!

Aug 16 2012
12:43 pm
Belén Torregrosa writes:

Thanks for the book, Keri!

My name is Belén and I am from Spain, where I work as freelancer and Associated Professor for Creativity and Sustainability. Last year, I decided to start my own experiment to feel what’s all about when you ask your students to make experiments in order to become more creative.

As a result, we started “Todas las palabras bonitas”, an experiment up in the air, that helped us understanding each other much better!

This is the link with the stories that I collected week after week. (Sorry, Spanish!)

Regards from Spain,

Aug 16 2012
2:53 pm
Maria Mercedes Martinez writes:

Greetings from Colombia, South America. My daughter has Wreck This Journal and it has been an inspiration for us (team of Principals and teachers) working with adolescents. How difficult it is to motivate them to write about topics about their life. We have an activity called “Life project” where they write about their expectations, strengths and weaknesses in different aspects of their lives. I brought the book once and it generated an immediate interest (that it had never happened before with other “creative activities”), all wonderful ideas came out and a spontaneous motivation moved them to write. Your excellent book will inspire teachers to see a different way to get connected with students and for the students it will be an unforgettable experience.

Aug 16 2012
3:32 pm
Meggie writes:

Wow Keri what a great opportunity! I teach Industrial Design Engineering / Open Innovator to an international group of students.We started September 2011 with mostly Europeans but the group starting in a few week will be truly from around the world. It can be really daunting to try to teach to people with these diverse backgrounds and cultures especially because the attitudes and minds of innovation do not just happen through a powerpoint lecture. That’s why I love wreck this journal! It’s so totally hands-on in looking at the world differently and developing your own creativity. If you donate to my class you’ll be giving to students from all continents!

Aug 16 2012
4:15 pm
Dawn Wilson writes:

Hi Kerri!
Wow what a wonderful blog and I love your contribution to the “think outside of the box” mentality! I am at a Vocational high school teaching graphic communications. I have my students keep creative journals throughout the year. I love inspiring them to new ways of thinking and I’m going to introduce them to the teacher supplement you supplied! Not all the kids are artistic but they are all creative in someway and I am trying to bring that out in them
Happy Creating!

Aug 16 2012
4:29 pm
Sandra Solano writes:

Hi Keri! I am writing you from Colombia, South America.
I like to tell you a lot a goof things about my classroom. First of all, it is not just a classroom, its the whole School, we have from Nursery to 11th grade, and I work in Art classes with the Middle schoolers and Elementary. Since they got in the school, we work in something called Proyecto de Vida, Life project, and the idea is to build their road through school from what they dream and imagine they can be, involving all the important facts arround them like friends, family, likes, dreams, interests and hopes and what are they going through day by day at school. At the end of their School life we give them out to them and the surprises are amazing, they just realized and remembered how they were before and what did them be the way they are today. Since we met your Wrecking amazing journals, we have been inspired about the way to work with the girls motivating them to bulid their life project as a diary, and what else more attractive to girls than a diary? It´s liberating, it lets you express with creativity and freedom, it just lets you go with the flow when you know it is something personal but truly yours, with your own touch of design and personality.
So we are trying to make something cool out of it, and your ideas are awesome, the girls are going to LOVE IT!
They are more than beautiful and good hearted girls! And they love to be just themselves, with freedom built in love.
That´s why we would love to work with your amazing stuff and we will be glad and pleased (absolutely) to do it.
Congratulations for your work and new covers. But most of all por the inspiration and great pages.
(sorry for the English mistakes, we are Spanish native speakers :)

Aug 16 2012
4:34 pm
Manjit Kaur writes:

Hi Keri Smith
Firstly, I have to mention that I’m a huge fan of you. I was once gifted the book “How to be an explorer of the world”, which I found to be so speacial, that I bought two more books by you.
Secondly, convincing that my 6th grade class deserve this book more than anyone else here in Norway. This is my first year as a teacher, and even though I have studied some art, I feel I have nothing of interest to offer my pupils. Simply because there wasn’t something new or exctiting enough to engage the pupils, that I learnt for my higher education. When I saw what another teacher had planned last year, for her 6th grade in art class, I wasn’t impressed.
So that means I have to start from scratch, and I have to plan everything tomorrow. I’ve been to the art section, and there isn’t much resources or money to buy them fancy crafting tools or materials. Yikes! But no worries, because Keri Smiths comes to the rescue. Atleast I can use some of your amazing outdoor projects from “How to be an explorer of the world”. And I even found some cheap journals, with crips white paper. So maybe I can just give them instructions inspired by Wreck this Journal for atleast some of the lessons, or even as “homefun” (its cant be like work). Thats a good idea?

Do you know what an awsome idea would have been though? To just be able to hand out all my 20 pupils with their own “Wreck this journal”. I would become their favourite, fun and “rich” teacher from day 1. That’s such a eyetearing sweet dream. PLEASE make it true for a teacher in need.

I’ve filled in my work email, so hoping to see a good news email at work, wich will make me jump up with joy.

P.S. I love the covers.

P.S. P.S. : By the way, I’m the one who created the fanpage for “finish this book” on facebook. *brownie points achieved*

Aug 16 2012
5:25 pm
Cate writes:

HI, Keri,

School started on Tuesday here in Scotland–yes, I know, as a Newfoundlander, I’ll never get used to going back to school in mid-August—argh!

So today I asked my hew class (Primary Fours, that is, Grade Threes) to make a postcard of their summer holidays to share with their classmates. Five minutes in, one little chap was on the verge of tears and refusing to write anything because “I can’t spell.” Such is the culture of perfection that pervades this particular school—a culture which I do my best to subvert and wreck because nothing is more stultifying, especially for children, than expectations of perfection. I show them how to keep writing by sounding out the words. I encourage them never to let themselves get stuck because of what they can’t do, but to find ways around whatever is blocking them. It’s like your best piece of creative advice: do something else. Do it your way. Keep doing it, and don’t let anything stop you when you find your way. My little chap finished the session with a page full of writing and a huge smile on his face.

I also use blank “thinking books” with my class to focus on creative challenges so I’d love to introduce them to the principles and processes of journal wrecking. I know they’d love it!


Aug 16 2012
6:17 pm
Jodie Hurt writes:

Words cannot describe how excited I am that you put together a teacher packet of your amazing book! I have been a huge fan of your books for several years, and have been a journal wrecker as well as kept a copy of “Wreck” on my desk at school for students to explore in the past. As an art teacher, I love how you challenge your readers to think differently about their world. It can be really difficult to get kids to think outside the box, and the excitement that almost immediately is evident in their faces when one of my students picks up one of your books is extraordinary. While I would be so happy to get copies of your amazing book for one of my classes, I am beyond thrilled with just having access to the packet, so thank you!

Aug 17 2012
6:54 am
jenni horne writes:

Oh boy! What an amazing gesture! You are cool. That’s what my kiddos would say for sure! This year the kids and I are taking a Journey Through Art Around the World. How amazing would it be for the kids to have these journals to write and draw about the imaginary adventures we are having! We made our passports this week…and with so many of my kids having so little they are beyond excited about seeing a new world outside their 4 classroom walls. I firmly believe that it is my job as the art teacher to stretch their imaginations beyond the realms of possiblity. Give them the tools to become active learners. And challenge them to see their own potential. And well quite simply, anything with the word “smash” in it is going to enthrall a 1st grade boy, right? So pick me!! Pick me!!!

Aug 17 2012
7:07 pm
Mim writes:

I can’t wait to take a look at your teacher packet! As a teacher who shares her interests with her students, I was thrilled a few years ago when I had students go out and purchase their own copies of “Wreck”. Earlier this year, a friend at school bought me another copy and I enjoyed sharing it once again with my students. I teach elementary gifted and these kids are always looking for something different. I would love to share your book with this year’s crop of students!

ps- I often take my copy of “Wreck” to boring meetings and keep myself occupied while still listening ;)

Aug 18 2012
12:05 am
Kristine writes:

I volunteer at my daughter’s preschool by doing art with them and putting it together for a ‘mini-art show”… I was hoping to do art journaling this year…but since I volunteer everything I provide is out of pocket or donated…so even providing 40 blank journals or even just the black & white composition books can add up… to win these would be AMAZING!!! Even if I don’t win I am so Happy to have access to the Teacher packet…that is a gift in itself…looking forward to fun preschool art journaling!!! Thanks so SO much!

Aug 18 2012
1:49 pm
Connie Z. writes:

Creativity is on my mind as I return to school next week. Particularly, how can I get students to see that there are a hugely wide variations possible for every set of objectives I give them? So I like that your prompt are ‘open for interpretation’. I should use that.

I teach high school art in Rockville MD to a diverse group of students. They’re from all over the world, 9-12 in one classroom, but are surprisingly timid about making art. I love how your book encourages thoughtful play. I’d love to pile your books in the corner for students to collaborate on, add to when they finish or when they feel stuck.

Aug 20 2012
3:21 pm
LeeAnn C writes:

I’m a Library Media Specialist in a very small school, and I teach just one class this year. They are a VERY busy bunch of 4th graders, and they love activities that keep their creativity flowing! I love your books and how they can apply to all ages! They think it’s fun to play with and mess up books in the library for a change!

Aug 21 2012
11:26 am
Tammy writes:

I teach in elementary school and have used your book, The Guerrilla Art Kit, for ideas to use with my students. Thanks for this great gift for all teachers!

Aug 22 2012
6:28 pm
Shelby Stoewsand writes:

My Atalier is so cool because it is safe… You can express yourself, be as creative as you want, explore different things, communicate to others, and understand how things and people work. Students solve problems and use their thinking skills…They perform and create in my class, have pride in what the do, they use their imaginations and make decisions that build their confidence.
Sometimes it’s the only reason they come to school. That alone is why my class is so great! Everything is part of the process…

Aug 24 2012
9:47 pm
Cathy DeSimone writes:

I teach Digital Communications, a two year major at the best school in the US. The students chose to leave their regular high school to come to the Academy for the Arts, Science, & Technology for their junior & senior year in high school. This year’s seniors are the most dedicated and talented I have had in the nine years I have taught there. Our website is completely student built and maintained. They found “Wreak My Journal” site and have been begging me to to find a way to get all 13 of them journals so they can participate. The students have designed all kinds of things for the school, surrounding schools and many local non-profit organizations. When their clients do not want a receipt and give us cash we save it. They have been brainstorming these first three days of school about some fund raisers to raise enough money to get a class set. Wish us luck! I am excited because they are excited about this project that they found and they want to do! Thank you for such a fun, creative project!

Aug 27 2012
5:41 pm
Madelyn writes:

Oh my, what a delight. I am writing you as the education facilitator of a program for students who have faced a number of barriers on their road towards academic success. These students are being asked to leave their institution as a result of their academic performance – or rather, the lack there of. The most important piece of our course stems from their deep reflect and their willingness and openness to become aware of the barriers that contributed to their academic performance. We use a standard, boring and uninspired web-platform as a journal space. I have already purchased a number of your books to share as examples for these students of how they might prefer to journal outside of their academic journals. I LOVE your books for young men especially.

Why is this class so amazing? They are on the brink of the most amazing time of their lives: a cross road where they need to make some very powerful choices. To get to the heart of their passion, dreams and deepest most secret ideas, they need a creative means to pull and tease out ideas: they need your book. They need to seek beauty in the mess….and celebrate the utter mess life can be sometimes!

Keri & team, thank you for the opportunity & for your gifts! I truly hope to bring these journals to our students! Be well.

Aug 28 2012
4:06 am
Danielle Carey writes:

Hi Keri,

I’m so delighted I stumbled across your post! I just started using Wreck This Journal a few weeks ago in a tiny class I teach of four students, two siblings and two kids in foster care, one of whom has Asperger’s and serious behavioural challenges. I’m in grad school myself so I couldn’t afford to buy each of the kids a journal; instead, they’re using my copy of Wreck This Journal as a launching pad for creating their own version in cheap and cheerful composition books.

My students are three boys and one girl, and the boys at first turned up their nose at the idea of doing “art”. However, as they’ve watched the process unfold (I let it be an optional thing) they’ve really grown excited by the idea of creatively “wrecking” something. They rush to pick a page each week to use as prompts. Their favourite so far has been the page which says “Ask a friend to do something destructive to this page. Don’t look.” They loved it!

I’ve downloaded your teacher guide and am definitely going to incorporate that into the lessons. Freya (10) will be so inspired reading your ‘letter to students’.

Thanks for the fabulousness. Danielle x

Aug 30 2012
12:06 pm
furgoner writes:

adoro tu trabajo, te lo dije

Sep 1 2012
9:13 am
Pam writes:

ik wil dit boek winnen!!!

Sep 3 2012
8:24 pm
Tara Moffitt writes:

Thanks for donating to teachers! My daughter loves this book, and now I am hoping to use it in my third grade class! My class is an awesome group of 22 kids from Florida. They work hard, are very diverse, creative, and excited to learn. My class is a gifted cluster class, but of course, each is gifted in their own way. They have such unique learning styles and express themselves in different ways. This journal would be an awesome way for them to do that….and they are really GREAT kids!

Sep 3 2012
11:29 pm
Debra writes:

Hello Keri,
I was thrilled to read your post about the teacher packet. Thank you! My friend and I use your books and project ideas for student (and teacher) inspiration and motivation. Last year, my friend’s fourth grade class created an amazing student-generated mini-book trading post. At the post, students would meet, exchange ideas of the day, and trade their hand-made creations. Needless to say, her class is great because she is a model of creativity and openness. I would love to surprise her with a Wreck this Journal classroom set.

Sep 7 2012
7:20 pm
Elle B writes:

My class is great because…we are a family through their entire high school journey! We meet every single day of high school and I am the one that announces each of their names as they walk across the stage at graduation.

I’d love to have us do these as a part of our “family memory packet” that we have been piecing together since the first day of school…they are now juniors and are already talking about how sad it will be in a year when we move on in our lives.

Sep 7 2012
11:12 pm
Frances McCoubrey writes:

Hi Keri,
My class is awesome because
1) They are
2) They are 8 of them between Grade 2 and 7.
3) Their goals for the year are – read and write better, draw 5 good horses, learn how to identify animal tracks (we live in the sticks), Ace track and field, shoot my first deer (he is 9 and will then skin and eat the deer with his Dad), be better at British Bulldog (he is going to ride his bike and run to get better at this), learn 10 new words (1 each month = last year she learned mellifluous and biodiversity) and become really good at making glass beads (this boys parents have a forge, so they make all kinds of great things).
4) I’ve been photocopying pages out of “This is not a book” for the kids to do because I love it so much and think it is so great, but couldn’t afford to buy a class set.
5) We’ll use it.

Thanks. I found your book while randomly walking through the local book store – The Open Book -. I bought it along with another great book called Tattoo A Banana and other ways to turn anything and everything into Art. It has some great activities in it as well to check out if you’re looking for some other creative ideas.

Happy creating.

Sep 13 2012
6:18 am
Terri writes:

I’m a librarian at my school so I have the BEST class in the building; I’ve got ALL the kids, especially when they need me the most (at the last minute)! Seriously, I get to work with kids to teach them how to think and work independently through teaching kids how to research. I also get to put the right book in to the hands of the right kid at the right time! There is nothing I love more than getting kids hooked on books – drug dealers could learn a little something from me…lol!

Sep 20 2012
9:41 pm
Marcia writes:

I teach elementary art at a k-8 school for gifted and talented students. The students are very very smart and have a love of learning. I really enjoy teaching at my school. Some of the students struggle with perfectionism and they want everything to be perfect. I think this journal would be really fun for them to let loose and explore their creative side even more. Thanks for the chance to win!

Nov 9 2012
2:57 pm
Caren McCaleb writes:

I was just browsing your book at Book Soup in LA 2 weeks ago and thinking how cool it was and now I find your blog. Love it! The creativity here is just the pick me up I needed. Thank you!

Nov 21 2012
8:21 pm
D.Martin writes:

I work as an Education Assistant in a highschool program for students with disabilities. I came across an ad for your journal and I think it is a brilliant creation. So many of the kids that I support have difficulties with printing and spelling so trying to get them to write in a journal can be challenging. I think that these journals would make journaling fun, creative and interactive. I know the kids would have so much fun wrecking their journals. Thanks for the chance to win.

Jan 14 2013
5:03 pm
Elodie MULLER writes:

Hi Mr Smith,
I know that it’s a little bit late, but I try.
Even if I’m not a teacher, I would love to make an amazing experience with your gorgerous books that all my class would adore wrecking.
I’m a 17 years old french student, and it’s my last year with my class, isn’t it the moment for make something incredible together ?
Me, and my whole class, hope that our message will interest you.
We love what you make, so continue !

Jul 30 2013
1:11 pm
Leonie writes:

Found this on the bottom of the sea next to the croatian island Korčula:


We were very amused and I finally recognized that this is one of the glorious pages out of the journal I bought a few years ago and nearly forgot.

I looked for it when I was back home and actually now I am very exited to got on wrecking it!

Thank you for your creation and for making our snorkeling adventure even more funny.

Best regards from Germany! :-)

Aug 7 2013
6:57 am
Kara Tyndall writes:

Dear Keri, WOW! Wreck this Journal is amazing!!! I was just introduced to it by one of my 7th grade students. I am purchasing a copy for my daughter who is turning 8 … I know she’s going to have a blast creating the pages!
Each year, I work on an Autobiographical Collage with my 8th grade art class as part of their graduation from our school. I hang them up at their graduation reception for everyone to view. I would love to mix things up and make Wreck this Journal their graduation project this year and display them at the end of the year. That’s where you come in …
HELP!!! I would love a class set of 30 for the coolest 8th grade kids to create, tear, smudge, and WRECK!
Hope I’m not too late to ask. Thanks!

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