September 21st, 2009
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going to the junction

I was excited to read this article in Seed Magazine about the process of artist VESNA JOVANOVIC. She touches on several ideas I worked with in “how to be an explorer of the world”, most importantly to me the meeting point of art and science. This touches on some of my current research as I’m halfway into writing/assembling another book.
a couple of great quotes:
Art and science are generally considered very separate today; they have very different connotations, even stereotypes associated with them. Yet I find that my interest in these two fields stems from the same place: a deep curiosity about the world and the human position within it. Ironically, one of my biggest frustrations as an art student was the accuracy and precision that I could not let go of. I wanted to work more from the imagination, to leave some things to chance; I wanted to create opportunities for unpredictability and serendipity—for numerous “happy accidents.”
But with time and experience I have learned the value of pausing to consider, at least for a quick moment, if anything could benefit from what appears to be a problem or mistake. I believe that it is these moments of apparent setbacks that are actually some of the most valuable in both art and science. They break the normal flow of events, introducing a junction that can lead to greater, more significant discoveries.
~Vesna Jovanovich (seed magazine article The Rorschach Paintings, August 18 2009)

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