April 16th, 2010
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sit down.

a large cup of darjeeling. a quiet house (for the next half hour). a moment to myself.

this week has been hectic. In a tired stupor one night (after a day of chasing around a cranky two year old), I knocked a large glass of water onto my computer. It ended badly, with me panicking and running to the nearest apple store the next day to try and fix it (which proved expensive). And so I sit here typing on a new machine (with a rubber protector over the keyboard) after spending an entire day trying to transfer files from the old machine (not totally successful). Current manuscript intact (thank god). I still have not been able to get my mail off, (so if you’ve written me in the last two weeks and I haven’t responded, this is why). I will keep trying but until then, you may want to write me again.

a fresh start. a clean slate. an empty hard drive. so promising. what new ideas will it contain in the coming year? what secrets? what messes?

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