February 23rd, 2004
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for the love of grapefruit

I was in a large grocery store yesterday filling my cart with my favourite things. Some decadent items might include a passion fruit (the most magnificent shade of pink I have ever seen), Tazo tea, squid, tilapia, shiny baby eggplant, pink tulips, Tom’s of Maine toothpaste (spearmint), parmigiano reggiano, cured olives, and of course, grapefruit. (No I did not find any Durian). I have a thing for grapefruit, it has become a big part of my breakfast ritual. You can’t rush a grapefruit. It begs you to sit and insert a spoon into each section gracefully and patiently. If you try to rush through it you will end up frustrated or squirting yourself in the eye, (it really stings).
So I was hurriedly grabbing a couple of grapefruit and throwing them into my cart when I heard a thick Jamaican accent saying, “It’s four for a dollar.” I turned to see a woman smiling at me with the most beautiful large brown eyes. I stopped and said, “Oh, well, hmm. Two more can’t hurt.” “You cannot go wrong with grapefruit. It’ll make your life betta”, she exclaimed. “Yes, I know that for a fact.” I replied. We exchanged a few more words on the subject of fruit. It may sound strange, but in this short exchange there was such a charge of electricity. I wanted to stand there and talk to her more about life, about food, anything actually. Something about her passion stirred something in me, connection. She looked directly into my eyes. All of this happened in the span of about a minute. All because of a mutual love for grapefruit. I smiled and thanked her, put the grapefruit in my cart and walked over to the next aisle.
any tips on eating passionfruit?

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