January 11th, 2008
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All of my creative energy is going into a book right now. my physical energy is going into creating a child. Not much left over for anything else. I apologize if I do not answer emails, this process of making a book is all consuming. and so very satisfying. I don’t really know how it’s going to turn out. every time I do it it is different. I wish I could show you some of what i am working on. but it’s a secret. as are all the good things in life.
i may have shown this image of my studio wall here before. it is a good representation of my head right now. full of pages and pages.
if you would like a diversion I really enjoyed this interview with Will Self about his new book Psychogeography. (sent to me by Shari, thank you!). It is a really good explaination of the concept and gets to the heart of my own thoughts about it. my favourite line:
“People don’t know where they are anymore. In the post-industrial age, this is the only form of real exploration left. Anyone can go and see the Ituri pygmy, but how many people have walked all the way from the airport to the city?” -Will Self

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