November 9th, 2004
fired up

I saw the Motorcycle Diaries last night. It got me all fired up. There is an excitement in me, a feeling that good things (and big things) can be accomplished in small ways.
There are days when one feels like her voice does not made one tiny little dent on the hard scratchy surface of this planet, and then there are days when she feels like she sends a small ripple across a pond that spans the width of the earth.
All that is required of the artist is to put the energy (the words, the ideas, the paintings) out there, one little piece at a time. One feels something, then expresses something.
And that m’dear I can do. Yes I can.
As my creative writing professor in college was fond of saying, “When the Japanese were in a period of peace, they painting only fans.”
What form will your revolution take?

Nov 10 2004
2:42 pm
Anonymous writes:

OH…glorious movie! “Let the world change you…
and you can change the world…”

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