November 3rd, 2003
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finding your calling

I think you have found your true calling when you start to do your work and then begin to feel like you are goofing off all the while. All morning I’ve been brainstorming for a new book. I sit surrounded by felt, kids books, paper bits, and have been surfing the web for inspiration. I’ve actually had to say to myself a few times, “no, you’re getting paid to do this. It’s allowed.” I’m feeling guilty for doing my job! I’ve said before that I am an avid procrastinator. All along the trick was to find a way to get paid for it. I am not being smug when I say this, I think we are all able to this if we allow ourselves too. All the things that I did as a child are the basis for my career now. Do not limit your play time as an adult! Your best work comes directly from there. Have I said this already? Yes, o.k. but I feel like it’s my mission, as adults we are not encouraged to play nearly enough. No, I’m not talking about “adult” kind of play (fancy cars, sex, jet skiis). I’m speaking of the old fashioned get down on the floor and colour your brains out. I don’t believe that anything called “work” should have to be painful. I’ll get off my soapbox now. I just wanted to remind you that you’re allowed to play. And to hang your work on the fridge when you’re done.
I’m off to the post office to see if I have more fun mail.

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