September 9th, 2003
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Fall Returns

I’ve just returned from my intensive journey (the drive home was almost 12 hours), feeling tired and renewed at the same time. Creatively renewed that is.

Some highlights
-listening to Jacqueline DuPrey on the radio while driving past fields of waving long grasses and corn.
-touring through the Adirondacs with the Be Good Tanyas This has to be the best driving album of the year!
-sleeping (or trying to sleep) in a cabin (that appeared to be sliding off of a massive cliff) during a rainstorm
-the Mass Moca of course, the shows inspired a batch of new exercises for myself to try this week. See them here.
-we got terribly lost trying to find the The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art and arrived there slightly frustrated and drained at 3:55pm, (to find it closes at 4pm). A very sweet and sympathetic woman there (with curly blond hair) said, “Where did you travel from?” When I told her we drove all the way from Canada she smiled and said, “The gallery is locked, but come with me I have the keys.” I couldn’t believe my luck. So we got a chance to see the shows very quickly, in about ten minutes. I could tell this woman really loved the work and was happy to share it with someone else who loved it too. The collages of Eric Carle were so stunning and full of little details that you cannot see on the printed pages. Little pieces of collaged tissue paper make up little bug legs and arms, a delicate piece of white paper was glued on to make a paper lantern that was so compelling I gasped. There was a display in the middle of the room that showed his process, dozens of sheets of paper, each decorated and hand painted with different brightly coloured patterns, add scissors. I was so grateful to this woman for giving me this gift and thanked her repeatedly. She informed me that there was a rehearsal for a new ballet of “The Hungry Caterpillar” going on and that I could take a peek. I looked through a small round window to see dozens of young ballerinas in bright Eric Carle costumes in wonderful shapes moving around as little insects. It was magical. The books had come to life. Thanks again blonde-curly-haired lady (I wish I had gotten your name so I could send a thank-you gift, you made my day!)
-a really quick tour of Northhampton. A town with a large artschool, needless to say I felt very at home there. I saw Anne Lamott’s new novel which I will try to find here.
-sitting around a campfire with A’s family (many flew in from Holland), and laughing till my stomach hurt. It seems that some dutch sayings do not translate well to english. The phrase “Don’t get water in your shoes” still leaves me giggling uncontrollably!
-seeing a sign that read, “Pete’s Gun Shop & Dry Cleaners” *only in the US.
-eating “Chuck’s Sister’s Salsa” which is rumoured to only contain tomatoes, green pepper, and jalapeno. I’m going to experiment with it, as I came home to a garden bursting with ripe tomatoes. If anyone has a recipe similar to this one please share it!
-our friend Michelle dressed up as Marg Delahunty Princess Warrior , she had on the most fabulous shiny silver bustier suit, and high boots. She wildly pranced in amidst a sea of shocked faces to present the bride and groom with a large sword. Yay Michelle!
-recieving a green work apron from my sister-in-law (a belated birthday gift). I have always wanted a work apron and this works perfectly! There is very freeing great about having permission to get dirty as a painter.
-Picked up a great quote that sums up my life completely:
“I am still learning.” -Michelangelo
*kinda takes the pressure off to do everything perfectly.
Now I must get to the barrage of email that has built up over the last few days, yikes. It’s good to be home again, my bed was a welcome sight after sleeping in tents for many days now.

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