September 10th, 2013
Everything is connected

A bit of a teaser for you.

Sep 12 2013
9:50 am
Aisling writes:

awesome! I love the video, too!

Sep 28 2013
9:29 am
Lois writes:

Thanks so creating and sharing this wonderful inspiring website.

Oct 1 2013
8:11 am
Patricia writes:

Oh, cool!

Oct 1 2013
5:01 pm
Mary Meyer writes:

You have lovely displays in every Barnes and Noble and I can’t wait to take one of these home!

Oct 2 2013
2:36 pm
Monica writes:

Received today, in Italy: thank you, a new great experience!

Oct 7 2013
1:10 pm
paula writes:

Hi Keri,

I enjoyed reading your most recent post–and am commenting here.

I understand how busy you are with your many demands. While you may have written that post from something of a frustrated place, I appreciated the honesty you were putting out there. No matter what is going on, you have the space to voice your true feelings, and have it resonate with others.

I see what you are talking about in blogs & sites. Even when content is not overtly commercialized, it presents a false and perfect image of life that can foster a dissatisfaction with my own imperfect struggling life. I would like to foster a dialogue about what we are learning through our daily messy existences.

I am hungry more than anything to hear about how others have worked through the hardest stretches and maintained optimism. In detail!

I encourage you to continue to stand for what you’d like the internet to be. Thanks, Keri.

Oct 13 2013
10:16 am
Patricia writes:

Keri, this is in reply to your post after this one…EVERYthing you said is why I continue to struggle with whether or not, how much, etc. I want a “known” Internet presence. It seems like the net has become a huge marketing medium and I am resisting that. I am working on a slower life in my real and local neighborhood and community. I’ve often considered developing an idea called “this is not an e-course,” inspired by you naturally!

Oct 21 2013
3:58 am
Menachem writes:

If you disappear online, we may just have to buy your postcard book, or make mail art, and send stuff to you through your publisher. What do you say people?
May all the blessings you bring us return to you a thousand-thousand fold!

shalom v’ahava,

Nov 16 2013
10:26 am
Kim writes:

Also in response to the post that follows this one…

I’m a little sad that you will disappear from this space. I’ve been following you for a long long time, and I’ll miss your words here. But I totally understand what you’re doing. I find it unfortunate that some people think it’s ok to attack through comments: it drives good artists to be less “out there”. I’m sure these negativity pushers wouldn’t walk up to your house and start spewing crap at your front door; I don’t know why they would think it acceptable to do so on your blog.

And yes, a lot of the internet is marketing-driven, and all that BS is difficult to avoid. Your blog has been a refreshing oasis in a sea of commercialism, and I thank you for having been brave enough to provide an alternative viewpoint to mainstream thinking. You have proven that it is possible to diffuse your work as an artist without resorting to brainwashing marketing tactics. I wish you all the best, and I’ll continue to be on the lookout for your work, wherever it may pop up. I’m sure it will be fascinating, innovative and brilliant.
Ciao Kerry, may we meet again :)

Nov 18 2013
5:55 pm
Roxane writes:

I LOVE this idea. A friend and I have been sending the same birthday card back and forth since 1997. We even celebrate the card’s birthday now. Another friend and I send a Christmas card back and forth, each year adding something to it… a button, yarn, glitter, weird stickers. Our goal is to create the ugliest holiday card ever. (I think we’re close.) Odd how important these cards have become in my life. Near panic ensures if one of us thinks we’ve lost THE card.

Please continue doing what you are doing and please keep this blog/website alive in some form. We need your rebellious, creative, hopeful voice more than ever.

Thanks for the inspiration you’ve shared,

Apr 16 2014
2:28 am
Miki writes:

I’ve just ordered it on Amazon. Can’t wait to get it! :D

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