February 14th, 2005
every-day business

how to live.
how to get the most life.
as if you were to teach the young hunter how to entrap his game.
how to extract its honey from the flower of the world.
that is my every-day business.
-from thoreau’s journals
In a couple of weeks we will be taking a trip to NYC to see the gates, and do some business.
If you have any suggestions for things to do please let me know (keep in mind I am on a tight budget, read: cheap or free is best).
things i am interested in…
little hideaway cafes (for writing in)
tea shops
unique stores (ecclectic)
paper shops
must see bookstores
underground comic stores
contemporary art
street art (not graffiti based)

Feb 14 2005
6:14 pm
Keri Smith writes:

wow, this is amazing!!! I am going to try not to be overwhelmed and just make a list, but it all sounds great.
I believe I have been to the strand once before, but i will make sure to drop in again. (I think this is where I saw a sign that said “wise men fish here”. I copied it in my own version which is on my front door, it says, “wise people fish here.”)
thank you all so much! keep it coming, we could write a book.
does anyone have any suggetions for a mundane journeys excursion? (for explanation visit http://www.mundanejourneys.com )

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