April 29th, 2004
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emily carr’s ghost

walking to the woods tossing a tangelo.
the peel comes off in one long strip
i eat it,
juice dripping down my arms,
it is so warm today
i head to my favourite spot, down to the edge of the lake,
crunching dead snail shells under my feet
i wash off the sticky stuff
a tuft of indiglo blue floats in the water
fish it out with a stick
ahhhh, fishing line
put it back in the water and watch it float for a while
off and running, so much energy I can’t contain it,
the wind, the smell, the excitement
a massive fallen tree on the path, climb over
i lie down on the boardwalk, my eyes level with the water
like being on a boat without the movement.
watching clouds
i play a game,
study the shape, memorize it, then close your eyes
don’t look for a few minutes and peek again
how much has changed?
did i drift off for a while thinking about the future?
come back.
water has flooded the path in front of me
i try to jump onto a log, it seems much too far
i miss and get a soaker.
red muddy running shoes
the wet foot makes me giggle
the smell of cedar hits and i try suck it all in through my nostrils.
as the sun dims the chorus of frogs becomes deafening
they seem happy about the weather too.
emily carr’s ghost speaks
she is calling me to a new adventure.

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