October 25th, 2005
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riding around on my green bike I eat the licorice pieces that i found spilled in my bag, (first brushing the lint off). I wonder if I will associate the taste of licorice with my bike from now on. This bike has become my portable world here in this new place. It is my constant companion used to hold groceries, flowers, books, water, journal, snacks, and mail. I ride through the campus full of students and learning and the smell of school. books and pencils. i think about little things I will leave there, tiny art pieces for those who walk around with open eyes.
today I have a meeting at the university and then I am off to the library to find books on mr. munari.
in january i will be teaching a couple of classes. on drawing. and one on journaling. i am excited because I will be doing all of the exercises too. i read somewhere that the root word of the word ‘educate’ is ‘edu’ which means to pull, or to ‘bring out’ that which is already there or that which is latent, (I can’t find the source for this offhand.) i like this image and remember how i felt during classes with my favourite teachers in art school. many days I would literally run to the bookstore to find books on things I couldn’t wait to read about. the teacher’s passion seemed contagious. and so I will share my books and excitement with the students, and I will show them how much i love to draw and write in my journals.
how there is nothing in the world better than to sit and watching the ink coming out of the pen.
to look at the small details.
to watch people.
to be your own research project.
to devour the world with your eyes.
to experiment.
we will see what emerges.
also enjoying the work of Marti Guixe.

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