October 16th, 2003
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Dreaming in color

For your reading enjoyment…a new article:
Managing Chaos
In the past two weeks I have plugged through a lot of work, including:
-finishing my show (there are bits of collage everywhere, they were glued to my socks, my cat, the floor in my studio)
-a card design for Hallmark
-an album cover
-an editoral piece
-mailing booklet orders
-paying bills
-doing my books (financial that is)
-a wish jar tale
So I’m giving myself a little public pat on the back! Whew. The show is finished and hung. All that is left is to show up at the opening. I picked out a special outfit, something vivid to match the intensity of the work…

Also, I recently did the cover of a young adult novel for Random House. It’s called “A Winter Night’s Dream” by Andrew Matthews. It’s a cute love story based on the Shakespeare title of a similar name.
I’m very excited about beginning to make some X-mas gifts. Inspired by some clothes I saw at Distill, I’ve decided to give felting a go.
(WARNING: if you are a close friend or family member do not read any further. Gift descriptions to follow. Dad, Jen, Matt and Wendy, this means you!)
A and I are going to felt a bunch of colourful old wool sweaters, and make them into mitts and hats! I became so immersed in colour doing my collages I can’t wait to do the same with wool. Since I have only experimented with this on a small scale I will let you know how it goes.
Here are a couple of great links on felting…
-Get Crafty how to
-ekologic, a company that makes beautiful designs. Mine will not be nearly this detailed, think basic mitts with a different coloured band, maybe a button sewn on for looks.

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