January 22nd, 2012
do you want to play a game?

This is a game created by Bruno Munari found in his book Flight of Fancy.

“Let’s imagine a land flat as a sheet of paper, in fact let’s take a sheet of paper and a black felt-tipped pen with a large round tip and mark some dots at random on the paper, skipping about with the pen held upright.

Let’s look at [the dots] as reference points around which and with which we will establish clusters – connections – formal relationships – using straight lines, curved lines or lines of dots, or whatever. The game consists in inventing lots of different ways of connecting, linking, grouping together these dots.

Let’s get some copies done of this group of dots right away (twenty? twenty-seven? eighteen? thirty-five?…) Here’s the pack of copies which I’m about to place on the table. I take my pen out of the right-hand pocket of my jacket and I start connecting the dots.”

Do you see why I love him so?

note: in this game you do not have to literally “connect” the dots, you can group them, enclose them or link them somehow.

Jan 22 2012
1:27 pm
Katrina writes:

I see lots of animal faces!

Jan 22 2012
3:01 pm
jamie writes:

love this! =)

Jan 23 2012
5:39 am
kikie writes:

i see a rabbit

Feb 3 2012
9:08 pm
Jordin writes:

I see a snail oh and kari i love your books make more

Feb 11 2012
3:23 pm
Hannah writes:

i see a bear wearing a necklace and crying…..sad then i turn my head and see a happy ladybug! so cute!

Feb 25 2012
5:44 am
georgia-rose writes:

i can see a rabbit

Sep 25 2013
4:32 pm
Aisling writes:

a see a rabbit, or a wombat. now I see a parott. now I see chicken pocks. now I see a snail now I see a baby kangaroo. now I see a toad/frog! now I see a different frog. now I see tadpole babies. :) aww!

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