April 7th, 2009
do they fit?

Jun 4 2010
11:48 am
kalina writes:

me and my friends jessica and alyssa are currently sitting in ap lit class doing absolutely nothing and we read this and we like it. we like it a lot. :)

Jun 14 2010
12:57 am
Jameson J. writes:

Eudaimonia = Happiness.


I love it.

It will help me create art.

Jul 25 2010
11:32 pm
ana writes:

this is fantastic.

a friend recommended i visit your blog, and i’m glad. i’ve been going through old posts, and it’s getting late now and i’m a little drowsy, but i wanted to say that i like it here, and i will be reading more.

~ ana

Feb 25 2011
1:34 pm
Kylee writes:

I love this. It’s very inspirering

May 7 2011
11:07 am
hormiga writes:

acabamos de comprar 2 de tus libros y estamos encantados. El día está nublado e ideal para tirarnos en la alfombra a jugar y crear. Muy inspirador!

May 13 2011
5:11 pm
Corinne writes:

This blog makes me happy :)

Feb 14 2012
9:09 am
rexie writes:

i agree because when u FIT
ur HAPPY :)

May 3 2013
9:55 pm
Raini writes:

you are AMAZING i love you so much! keep doing what youre doing

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