September 24th, 2012
destroza este diario

To commemorate the spanish release of Wreck This Journal, I did an interview with Visual Mag. I am very excited about this as my Spanish readers have been asking for it for a LONG time.

I am right in the thick of finishing a new book so my words are few. Life is so rich and full right now. Fall and winter are my most inspired and productive times. This summer was so hectic with moving and trying to get a house in order (still working on that). A lot of adjustments to deal with (preschool, teething, sleep problems, etc.) But we are absolutely loving our new town! In the treehouse every day. We have been exploring the area with our new Bakfiets, which we also love. The most beautiful thing about the bakfiets is the attention it draws from strangers. People wave and holler. Young girls yell. Some stop us to find out where it came from. Most smile or laugh as we ride by. It’s a beautiful thing! Makes it all worth it.

When we were going back and forth debating whether to get it we had a realization. It is important for many reasons, but we felt it really important to help to influence and impact the bike culture of the area, (which is great but there is still room for much improvement). So we are working to do our part. And I am going to use it for a mobile unit for the Society for Exploratory Research.


…putting in new raised beds this week.
…researching chicken coops.
…knitting striped mittens for my kids out of scrap yarn.
…my top secret new book.
…the light at this time of year.
…local apples, (we just bought three apple trees).
…every minute spent with my family, cooking, exploring, planting.
…our new favorite bakery the hungry ghost.

back to work (she says to herself).

Sep 25 2012
7:38 am
Catalina writes:

Hi, I admire your work. I’m a fan of you and I’m happy to know you are feeling “at home” in your new home.
I have two of your books and I find them very inspirating. I’m one of your Spanish readers but I prefer books and films in the original version (when I can understand them of course). I come from a poor and undevelopped country and I was I little bit shocked when I had a copy of Wreck this book. I couldn’t believe in the benefits of wrecking a book that is plenty of ourselves (litterally) . I think there is a lot of fun suggestions inside but take a shower with it! The concept of “wreck” something that can be used gain goes against my education. I think many of the nice assignments can be maked…in an used and old notebook. Another thing was strange to me: collecting stickers from fruits. In my country we never have that except when we import apples frome somewhere. We can’t afford travels or many other things but we have fresh non imported fruits and vegetables all the year. This show me how different can be life depending on where you live. Enjoy your day and thank you for sharing yourself and your art.


Sep 28 2012
6:44 pm
Nahuatl Vargas writes:

Look I got a picture of your book in the Fondo de Cultura Economica bookstore in Mexico City.

Sep 29 2012
5:09 pm
Tatjana writes:

Hi Keri,

First of all, I absolutely LOVE everything you do. Wreck This Journal has got an almost therapeutic place in my life. I have learned so much about myself and my abilities to let go of anything holding me back and just create stuff!! I have just bought myself a new copy since my first one is full but I am not done Wrecking Journals just yet. Thank you for all that!

Both my 6 year old daughter and my 5 year old son have a copy of Wreck This Journal and it is amazing to see what original and creative journal entries they come up with.

I think bakfietsen are so cool! Did you move to Holland? Bakfietsen are very popular here in The Netherlands :D

Please never stop doing what you do!


Oct 5 2012
6:37 pm
Rachel writes:

I just read your essay on Penguin, “Wreck this App.” I think you’re brilliant and I’m so happy and inspired to read your words.

Oct 8 2012
10:42 pm
Gayle writes:

This lady writes a lot about keeping chickens, although it might be sometimes about caring for them in the desert as she lives in Phoenix:

Can’t waid to hear what your latest book will be!

Oct 17 2012
9:47 am
Polly writes:

I am separated of my friend Andrea by 9 hours by car, in Spain, the two of us made a deal; we bought a copy of the journal and we’ve started the messing/wrecking at the same time. I’m going to visit her in february and in may next… I’m taking the journal with me… then we’ll compare our books. It’s like doing something together without actually being together.

thank you for having it released in Spain, muchas gracias.


Dec 8 2012
1:00 pm
Marina Everdeen writes:

hi Keri!! You’re INCREDIBLE. I’m from Spain, and for this Christmas I want ‘Destroza este diario’.
‘How to be an explorer’, ‘Finish this book’ … will be in spanish, aslo? When?! I CAN’T WAIT :D

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