February 2nd, 2007
day 2-things that draw

My entry for day 2 of create-a-thing-a-day month. Please check out the site for great things other people are doing.
The theme for this week is “Material Samples-(or things i use everyday to make art)”.
other themes I am considering:
-art made using packaging
-mail letters week
-things made out of random things in my studio
-movement documentation
-things found while walking the dog collages

Feb 2 2007
6:32 pm
Shelley writes:

Thank you for your kind comment about my (so far) writing-based participation in the project.
And I was thinking about a letter-writing week, too!
Let me know if that one bubbles up to the top of your list and maybe we can get a synergistic simultaneous vibey kind of theme thing going…

Feb 2 2007
6:37 pm
Dana writes:

I just found your blog recently and I must say how inspiring and cheerful I find it!
I love the warm fuzzy feeling that accompanies sending a friend something (that isn’t a bill) in the mail. Plus, nothing beats receiving something special in your own mailbox! I like the idea of a letter writing week– I think it’s one way I can definitely get more creative this month. Thanks!

Feb 2 2007
8:33 pm
Enthusiastically Human writes:

i like how some of the pens made you squiggle up and down with lots of strokes, some made you squiggle side to side as well…
or maybe they didn’t make you, but their personalities beyond point size…

Feb 2 2007
9:00 pm
shula writes:

Hi Keri,
Love your concept.
And it’s so much less time-consuming than mine.
What was I thinking?
Found the Creative Act via your website.
Does that mean that this rollercoaster ride I’m now on is All Your Fault?
Best wishes.

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