February 15th, 2007
day 15-research

“A longing for excitement can be satisfied without external means, within oneself; for creating is the most intense excitement one can come to know.” ~Anni Albers (wife of josef albers)
my theme for this week is “connections”. i admit to having no idea how this one will play out (which is a good thing). the above image (click for the full version) is my personal research from the last six months, and while it is not linear, it documents the movement of my brain and how everything is linked in some way.
I would like to remind people that this series of works are part of create a thing a day month. They are created in the spirit of play, experimentation and investigation, and in most cases done in 20 minutes or less a day, (though a couple took longer than this). I am hoping to push myself into some new and interesting places with it, and I want to allow my ideas/thoughts to grow and expand as I go.

Feb 15 2007
7:23 pm
jasmine writes:

We did this exact exercise when we started our honours thesis at Art School. The idea was to present the group with a map like this of the ideas, artists & topics that recurr in our work & research within our art practice. The end result makes an interesting image too….

Feb 16 2007
7:19 am
camilla Engman writes:

It’s not only your ideas/thoughts that expand and grow, you make that to us too :)

Feb 16 2007
1:02 pm
Ani writes:

I just started reading Mary Oliver. Love!
Thanks for sharing your experiments for ‘create a thing a day month’. My mind is swirling with inspriation.

Feb 17 2007
5:09 pm
Beautymist writes:

I appreciate your art very much as well as your attitude in life (simplicity, unbranding, green thinking…) and decided to write about it. It is written in French, but i still hope you’ll like it.

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