November 16th, 2004
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I have become consumed with a new idea. After months of waiting, trying to put ideas together, forcing, pushing, squeezing, manipulating, a new work, a new book, must find, (non of which worked)… an idea floats in. It comes, as they most often do, on a long walk in the woods. It floats past my head, gently, out in front of me where I can contemplate it for a moment. It comes in unconnected, unrelated, unhindered by any of the previous ideas. Alone. But with a force. A well of excitement builds like an explosion in my gut.
All of my best projects come with this feeling attached. Call it a strong knowing. Aha. elation. and then i am running. literally. there is so much energy i can’t contain it. the work begins. i wake up in the middle of the night with new ideas, scribbling down thoughts at all times of the day. consumed.
and it feels really good.
that is all i will say for now. I have always had a practice of not talking too much about a project while it is in production. It lets out too much of a the energy about it, energy that needs to go into the creation. Don’t worry, I will keep you updated.
I will say that it is new, different, and it touches on some of the feelings I am having about the politcal climate in North America of late. Encouraging change in small ways (or big). That is the role of the artist.
some links I am perusing…
simply serra, cute design
kelly blair, fabulous book covers you could eat!
Yamauchi Kazuacki, (I can’t remember where I got this link from, apologies)
52 Projects, (found from my stats page), love this!!!
the Lost Mitten Project, (link via Tania’s inspiring illustrated blog) I am an avid mitten loser. (You may remember that last winter I crocheted a long string for my mittens.) So this project speaks to my mitten losing heart. The artist hangs hundred of single mittens in various installations. I alway feel a slight sadness when I find a lost mitten myself. Is the owner missing it? What led up to the loss?
…on a more serious note this blog by a girl living in Iraq really moved me and made me want to do something (link via the daring donovan). Even if it is donating money to the relief effort. A company I trust for this, as I’ve been dealing with them for many years now. (their site seem to be down for the moment. keep trying)

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