June 1st, 2007
color smells and letters in different places

an interview with http://lab-zine.com/issues/1/articles/wreck-interview/ sorry i can,t link it right now.
i think this is one of the best interviews i have done. due to the great questions of the interviewer, joseph robertson.
i am writing this from an internet cafe in morroco. boy do i have some stories to tell but the keys are in different places and it mqkes t*yping difficult so they will have to wait:
love to everyone at home!
ps morroco is the most interesting and chaotic place i hqve v er been.

Jun 1 2007
12:32 pm
Christian Kiefer writes:

It wou+d be rad if wh3n you retr ned you actual#y talked likke this too!%
Luve & happ y travels,

Jun 1 2007
5:48 pm
Willie Baronet writes:

You’ve inspired me to wreck a journal. :-)

Jun 2 2007
12:08 am
pippa writes:

i considered dying of jealously but i’ll get to north africa one day. instead, i shall happily sit at home with tea and porridge and read the interview.
enjoy your travel!

Jun 2 2007
3:41 am
Smiler writes:

Hi Keri,
I just wanted to send you a little note to say thank you so very much for putting out “Wreck this Journal”. I bought it on a whim this morning, and I’ve been completely blocked as far as drawing goes for YEARS now. I’m on a bit of a… break from my job as an art director, and today wouldn’t you know it, just kinda… felt inspired to just start scratching around again, and your journal provided just the right kind of support!
It’s… a big breakthrough for me. So much so that I snapped a few quick pics and blogged about it too. I gave you proper credit, so hope you don’t mind. :-)
Take care, and have fun in Morocco!
Peace, Love, & Namaste,
ilana aka “Smiler”

Jun 2 2007
11:13 am
emma writes:

Is Wreck This Journal out in some part of the world? I thought it hadn’t been released yet. =O

Jun 2 2007
5:36 pm
Sabine writes:

Hmm… someone shuld introduce the QWERTY system to Morroco!

Jun 2 2007
8:42 pm
amelia writes:

i thought i’d finally comment on here, after months of lurking.
since the not so regular posts, i’d just thought i’d say what a blessing I find this blog in my life. your creativity and writings inspire me every day to create.
thankyou so much for something so wonderful.
amelia :)

Jun 3 2007
5:03 am
hasti writes:

I didn’t check your site because I knew you are in Spain, but last night I saw in my dream that you sent a new post that I should read; So I check. I can’t wait to read your interview.

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