October 25th, 2004
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chickens, fog, and peppermint soap

Slept by the ocean last night in Point Reyes.
Awoke to a beautiful fog laying over the hills, the ocean, over the moss covered trees.
Travelling wakes us up to so many things.
I sit looking over the tops of pine tree covered hills in Santa Rosa, just passing through. In a minute I will go out and feed some chickens, they way they move always makes me laugh uncontrollably. Neurotic flamenco dancers, with their staccato-like hops.
I slept quite well for my first night in the tent. I am learning new positions on the therma-rest. I have learned that I cannot stay in the fetal position the way I normally do, one must shift the hips a little for optimum circulation, this avoids the achy hip thing. As I am so fond of saying, it is the little things that make the biggest impact in our daily activities. I had dreams of attending parties in strange houses with old friends.
The first week of the trip was spent visiting friends, and more friends, seeing a show, time spent with new family. I bought some new flip-flops (my first pair), that make car travel much more enjoyable. The changes in weather in this part of the world are amazing. You can be wearing down in the morning, only to switch to a tank top later in the day. How does one prepare for this? Layers m’dear. lot’s o layers.
I wish to write more but there are chickens to see, and things to draw. Though it is hard to draw while driving in a car. We will start our trek to Canada later today. I will post whenever I can find wireless internet.
little things that make me happy right now…
…the smell of cedar
…jotting things quickly in my journal
…a new therma rest
…new flip flops
…J’s laugh
…orange flavoured metamucil (changed my life)
Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap
…hot tea
…camping with pillows

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