February 12th, 2004
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I have come down with the dreaded virus that has been circulating around the village like a badly behaved child. It gets passed along through everyday conversations, people going to the mail, while sitting casually in a local restaurant, touching the keys on the bank machine. It has a knack for seeking out those whose immune systems are not up to snuff. If only these viruses were visable to the naked eye, then we might be able to spot them peeking out of a coat pocket, or lying in wait on the edge of a mitten. Then they would be in trouble. I picture them like those little furry coal bugs in Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, running frantically up the hem of a neighbor’s pant leg. Or hiding in a bowl of fruit, ready to jump onto an unsuspecting hand. I would watch for them, and attempt to shoot them with an elastic band gun. They would be no match for me.
For now, I sit waiting for my body to finish it’s battle with the dreaded bugs, purging it out through various body fluids. They sail through the air with every cough. Yet I know they sit there waiting for the next unsuspecting victim to come along, when they will sneak into a pocket and continue their journey. On to new and better things I suppose. Just you wait bugs, you won’t get me the next time. I know your secrets.
That reminded me of my friend Stu’s kitchen. He found some beautiful images of food borne viruses, samonella, ecoli, and several others. They are compelling, and leave no impression of their inherent deadliness. They hang right over the cutting board for an added touch of irony.

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