July 8th, 2005
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Make a small book. Start with the cover, taking a drawing or painting or photograph for your visual material. For the words on the first page, use a grocery list fron the last time you went to the market. Let that book grow–one thing leading to another–until the last page, which will contain a few lines of poetic insight (from an anthology of poetry, or song lyrics). See how the cover photo (or other graphics evolved to the final words. Just let it happen.
As you make the book, keep a list of the relationships and connections that happen. Things will come together that you never planned. There will be connections between paper and thread, glue and poetry. Keep lists of things that strike you as funny, improbable, or downright silly. Respect details. Make and move on. Don’t wait for inspiration. Just do it.

from Learning by Heart, by Corita Kent
(click cover to see rest of book)

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