February 17th, 2006

So many things on my plate right now. Things I am excited about. Book submissions in the mail (which I’m very proud of), radio interviews, postcards at the printer, illustration projects, talks of gallery shows, a writing assignment for a design magazine, and ideas that seem to come in by the hour. Ironically I am not tired, I am energized.
Last night I realized that I have reached a new place with life/work, (the two are inseparable for me). I wrote to someone this morning: I am fascinated by things that shift our perception (maybe without our knowing it.) By the idea that it is not necessary to make huge changes in our lives, but only to look at our current surroundings a little differently. Force ourselves out of our comfort zones. To me that is the role of the artist. I know some of this may sound a little obvious, it is not groundbreaking in concept. But for the first time in my life I have started to understand more about what it is I want to say, what my voice is. It is not so much about the ego, but more about the idea. This is why guerilla art has become so huge for me. It’s the ultimate in non ego, letting go, putting stuff out into the world, working for fun, and releasing attachment to outcome.
The ulitmate presentation of this shift in perception is a project that works on many levels, so that it could be understood and enjoyed by both an eight year old and a eighty year old. That is the goal anyway, what I strive for now.
The truth is I know less about the direction that i am heading in than ever before but more about what I am drawn to.
This life is just one big experiment. and right now I’m just having a lot of fun.
I feel like I want to write more but I must eat lunch and ride my bike to the post office. The winds have just picked up and it looks like a storm is on the way.

Feb 17 2006
5:46 pm
sarai writes:

keri, you are exciting!

Feb 17 2006
7:01 pm
bluefaery writes:

Hi Keri-fellow activist. I thought of you this week when i watched a documentary. I think this doco will change your life as it has mine. it’s called “The End of Suburbia”. get it. watch it. be shocked. be inspired.
love your work.

Feb 17 2006
8:14 pm
Leonie writes:

fabulous fabulous fabulous…
i am so excited for you and by you…
bless your brave, wandering, discovering SELF!

Feb 18 2006
2:29 am
lisa writes:

you are very inspiring. letting things happen on their own is indeed an adventure.

Feb 18 2006
5:33 am
Richard writes:

Thank you for your visit … and your inspiration …

Feb 18 2006
10:50 am
Swirly writes:

Sounds like you have a lot of exciting projects in the works – inward and outward. I can feel your creative energy bursting at the seams.

Feb 18 2006
12:11 pm
Cathy writes:

So much resonates in me after reading this post – some me too, some good luck and mostly, life is good.

Feb 18 2006
1:39 pm
cindy writes:

from the outside, it seems you found your voice a long time ago.:)i think i know what you mean though, if your looking at things from a new angle. how empowering. i’m so excited at finally finding my passion/voice/reason to wake in the morning, that my voice sometimes gets me in trouble. just enough to keep things interesting. i want to tell you about a movie i think you might really enjoy it’s called “sombrio” and it’s about people squatting in handbuilt shacks for 30 years on the most beautiful, raw edge on the pacific ocean just outside of victoria bc. i grew close to here. it’s a magical place. the liberal gov’t. evicted them and destroyed their homes, the place where they brought up there children. so sad. here’s the website. http://www.worldchanging.com/
i haven’t seen it yet, it keeps selling out. thank you for your beautiful collages.

Feb 19 2006
11:11 am
G-Man writes:

Wow…great post…great image! Hang in there and enjoy the ride! :)

Feb 19 2006
3:50 pm
Mocha writes:

I have found a kindred spirit in you i think! This whole post expresses the way i feel right now. I’m still trying to understand more about what it is I want to say though and what my voice is, but I’m experimenting to try to find it.

Feb 19 2006
4:06 pm
gracia writes:

Hello there, I’ve just stumbled on to your site via disdressed. I love your collage works and the use of text within them. You may want to check out some of my daily (hopefully) drawings at my blog… or Louise’s blog here: http://gracialouise.typepad.com/elsewhere/ where you’ll find our latest small project “the same bu different”. See you, g

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