October 8th, 2004
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Yesterday in the woods I found a blue pastel. I took it as a sign that I should be drawing with it for a while. And so I’ve been playing around with it ever since. I don’t really enjoy drawing with it, hard to get a good edge so I can’t make it do what I want, much better to play with textures and patterns. An interesting exercise in letting the medium tell you what it wants to do. I found an old piece of wire and started scratching into it, and watched the crumbs fall into my lap. Texture. much more satisfying.

My current journal is just about to the end, so I ordered a new one yesterday from lovely design, made of found paper and envelopes. There is much more soul in things made by the hand.
A full day yesterday, a morning of work, a bikeride to Eugenia Falls, tea and pastries by the water, bookclub in the evening. A surprise cake and champagne from the girls made me feel grateful and lucky. When they brought it out I instantly felt bad that I had forgotten someone’s birthday. Then I noticed they were all looking at me, and the cake was topped with two playmobile characters, a man and a woman (complete with bouquet). We laughed for hours and shared stories of life, death, and everything inbetween. I sometimes forget how important “girl time” can be. I love them all.

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