June 7th, 2004
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beautiful nothing

“There are three things important in life: honesty, which means living free of the cunning of the mind, compassion, because if we have no concern for others, we are monsters; and curiosity, for is the mind is not searching, it is dull and unresponsive.” -Beatrice Wood
The countdown is on, three days left for my deadline, (not including minor revisions or cover art). I am ready to be finished. Months of not being able to do other creative work has been very difficult. I have always been the kind of person who moves back and forth between projects, or who will on the spur of the moment decide I want to knit a pair of green socks. My garden is suffering immensely, i cannot wait to get out and dig in the dirt. I have a few other book concepts that are just waiting to spew out of me and on to an editors desk. But more than anything I would like a lot of time spent doing nothing. In that category are:
-going for the paper on a Saturday morning and reading it slowly over tea
-long lazy walks in the woods, looking for edible plants
-riding my bike to the next town for groceries and red wine
-swimming in the pond
-watching movies on my front porch
-eating local produce, cooking
-going to the farmers market
I am also moving through a time of great change, in the next week several of my closest friends are moving away, (they are pursuing new projects and avenues in distant lands). And while I am so happy for them and their new adventures I prepare for some sadness, (and a bit of lonliness too).

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