October 18th, 2004
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I am off for a day in the city today and then tomorrow I will board a plane to San Francisco for another adventure. We will be staying with friends, family, and then camping for many miles. I will have a laptop so there may be a few posts along the way. Who knows what I will encounter?
Ghosts, stories, new friends, enlightenment?
I am in that state of nervousness that always accompanies me at the beginning of any adventure, the one that Wendell Barry so aptly describes as your first bonding with the unknown wilderness.
Heightened excitement mixed with fear.
I smile thinking of a quote that I have painted on a weathered piece of wood outside the door of my house. It reads, “Adventure is discomfort in retrospect.” I like it because it reminds me that it is quite natural and expected to experience discomfort in this life, on a daily basis or when far from home. So often I want to avoid it altogether. I now enter into traveling knowing that I will experience some sleep deprivation, some lack of comfort zones, some constipation, some homesickness.
and that is o.k.
Because to avoid those things is to avoid life altogether.

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