August 19th, 2010
a whole mess of stuff

what is going on in my world? so many things (as my son would say). I think a list is in order because it helps me to organize my brain.

-I’ve been watching documentaries online lately. Two good ones to recommend, Volcano: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry. I am currently reading the novel Under the Volcano by Lowry as it was partially written where I am living (Dollarton/Deep Cove). And last night we watched Light At The Edge Of The World:Himalayas Science Of The Mind done by my favorite anthropologist Wade Davis (everyone should have a favorite anthropologist).

-The Winter of the Beard is getting some really great reviews and is selling steadily, (which is really nice as it is truly a labor of love, not a money making endeavor at all.) It has been really wonderful to read the beautiful comments people have made about it and it has even inspired a few daring souls to grow a six month beard themselves. Please continue to write me with your responses.

-I have begun doing a few interviews for the upcoming release of Mess: A Manual of Accidents and Mistakes. It is quite possible that it may be shipping very soon, (they always ship it as soon as they get it in at Amazon which is a little perk of pre-ordering). I confess I have not seen an actual copy yet (sending books to Canada from the states takes forever), but I did get a uncorrected proof before I left and finally had a chance to sit down with it two days ago (I know, it’s been a crazy time). After not having looked at it for many months I was able to have a bit of perspective and I did what I always do, I pretended it was written by someone else and waited to see what emotions came up.

My reaction?

I think it is genius. I was envious of the author. And most importantly, I wanted to go crazy with it and fill it up with all kinds of insane experiments.

So that is about as good as it gets as an author. Looking at something you created and saying, “Hell YES!!! I kick ASS!!” Even if it didn’t ever sell, I give myself the gift of feeling very proud of my accomplishment. Brings tears to my eyes really. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how important it is to really celebrate our accomplishments and how in our culture we don’t do this nearly enough. I now make a point to really sink into feeling good about the whole shebang, even the little stuff (especially the little stuff). A little bit of celebration every day goes a long way in making you feel good about your life. I love the idea of mini celebrations for things and have started them with my son, “let’s have a pee party!”, or “I think we should dance to celebrate our dinner.”

-the spiders are way too big on the west coast. (I just threw that in for a bit of contrast).

-I have met some amazing people here, ones that have already inspired me to do more really great things with my life. more on that to come.

-the blackberries are in full swing here and they are EVERYWHERE. just going for a walk you can have a nice snack along the way. my sister made an amazing peach and blackberry pie the other night which we devoured happily.

-I am working on a new book (I know, it never stops with me). It is one of my favorite things in life to be engrossed in the process of creating a new work. I so love the research, the connection making with regards to ideas, the searching. There is nothing better.

Aug 19 2010
10:55 pm
Jenny Smith writes:

Thanks for the props on the pie! Maybe we should make another one and have a “mini” celebration before we eat it!!!

Aug 20 2010
1:54 am
Folkscallmejonny writes:

I sing the manual electric

Aug 20 2010
10:58 pm
Cassy writes:

Wow, you DO kick ass! So inspiring! Can’t wait to see “Mess”. I saw your books on the Children’s Activity shelves of Borders in San Francisco the other day. It’s interesting that they just don’t have a category for you in the adult sections, though it’s kind of appropriate that you defy categorization.

Aug 26 2010
9:59 am
katrien writes:

I like your posts very much!

Katrien, The Netherlands

Aug 28 2010
6:07 pm
caroline writes:

hello wonderwoman – I love your work – all of it! Did a couple of drawings to submit for gallery but couldn’t see them _ I expect you get loads and aren’t able to show them all – is that right? Never mind still a great exercise
caroline, uk

Sep 8 2010
11:41 pm
Roxann writes:

Thanks for inspiring this neat freak, mess-a-phobic to get down and dirty…

Oct 16 2010
3:49 pm
aye-z writes:

this is not a book is my life. i havent even finished and im obsessed and want another one. mess is already on my x-mas list and i dont even know what it is. yes, im basically five years old and still have an x-mas list. thanks for re-creating my life in book-format.

Nov 23 2010
3:22 pm
Dana writes:

i love your books!! it makes me get so obsessed tht i finish nearly all the activities in one day. i have wreck this book, this is not a book, and mess. im planning to get how to be an explorer of the earth soon. i just got mess yesterday. im only 12 but my dad and mom both love the books (probably cuz they shut me up) oh well, i enjoy ur books- please keep making more


Dec 29 2010
11:43 pm
Junior Beer writes:

I got this book and have only started but its already fallen a part….is that normal? by the way my dad thinks im crazy now because he saw me pouring tea on to the book from our staircase and has now put newspaper over the floor. I think its an amazing book and you do KICK ASS!!!!

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