February 17th, 2012
A thousand Trumpets

[pencil eraser print]

O imagination, you who have the power to impose yourself on our faculties and our wills, stealing us away from the outer world and carrying us off into an inner one, so that even if a thousand trumpets were to sound we would not hear them, what is the source of the visual messages that you receive, if they are not formed from sensations deposited in the memory?

Feb 17 2012
1:41 pm
Sean Shimmel writes:

Who can resist the compelling mystery and elegance of Dante?

(and pencil erasers are always cool)

Feb 18 2012
11:50 pm
Deanne writes:

Lovely sentiment. And yep, pencil erases are super cool.

Feb 19 2012
8:40 am
folkscallmejonny writes:

it’s interesting that he is talking about visual things. Doesn’t it work for music and literature too?

Feb 19 2012
6:28 pm
Barbara writes:

Hello miss Smith, a little message to you.
Within six months I’m finishing my school and will be teacher in visual art and design then. Since I’ve decided to write a dissertation about how to make my students more inventive and help them find their own visual language, I decided to focus on your view on creativity and how incredibly successfull your books are – why that is. When I ask people about Wreck this journal here in Holland, it often rings a bell.
Just googling around to get some general info about your way to get people doing this stuff and becoming so populair, i found this image.
It made me smile. Cause I realised I’m the one teaching (hopefully) next year, and I really want to inspire those kids to DO DIFFERENT than the usual stuff like drawing with paper and coal. To find their own inventiveness, their own visual language, or well, to get them on that crazy journey. I’m someone that might be bringing some of your ideas in schools, like step 4 of the image says.
It’s bizarre, but the more I read of you, the more your ideas, finds on the web, inspirational quotes etc seem to match mine. It’s fun. Like how you think about ads, I had similar ideas and since today I finally have firefox to block the ads. In love with it now. Ad free internet, omg!
Thanks for being such a cool dissertation subject to start with! Huge inspiration. :)

Oh! I found this blogpost where you were talking about doing the no ‘poo way of washing your hair (and not dying your hair anymore etc). I was curious if you have tried it? I’m a happy no-poo’ user since four months, it absolutely works for me, hope it did for you as well if you tried.


Feb 22 2012
7:22 pm
Mary Beth writes:

a) I am such a sucker for dots. love them!

b) I am snatching up that dante quote for my quote box. Thanks for sharing!

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