June 15th, 2005
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a plan for healing

1. Accupuncturist/Homeopathy -ongoing treatment (phosphorus & chinese herbs), building depleted Qi.
2. Appt. with surgeon next week to see what they recommend. There is NO indication that it is cancerous from the numerous ultrasounds. My feelings…Biopsy if needed, no surgery unless absolutely necessary. As I mentioned, this is a common ailment among women.
3. Research foods to help build up Qi energy, and help shrink cysts. (Evening Primrose oil?) Source: Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford (an excellent resource on modern nutrition and ancient healing practices).
4. Drink more water! I forget this all too often, immersed in my work, later to find myself dehydrated.
5. Research psychological & spiritual factors. It has been said that breast issues arise from unresolved issues with your mother, but I have also heard issues with nuturing/men. (I have read Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom cover to cover, a must read for every woman. I will look into her new title, Mother Daughter Wisdom. I’ve also been a big fan of Caroline Myss).
6. Let go. Focus energy inward, not on things out of my control. For several months now I have been feeling anxious about many external things that are not in my control. This has served to create a large amount of anxiety which I know contributes to the state of dis-ease in the body. Letting go is much easier to talk about than do, but I am convinced that it is in large part a bad habit, something we do automatically without thinking. A fear comes up and we launch into that panic state. I have decided that when a fear comes up instead of the automatic panic reaction, I will do some “self soothing”. I will tell myself that it is o.k. to let go of those things that are out of my control, it is o.k. to breathe through it and choose something different. Which brings me to the next step…
7. Regular mindful breathing. Meditation. Quiet time to send love to my body, time to let awareness come up so I can understand what it is trying to teach me.
8. Bodywork. To release held emotions. (still undecided. massage, reiki, etc.)
still adding to list as necessary. thank you for all your kind words and moving emails. I continue to feel grateful at every turn for all of it, (and I will respond to all when I get time.)

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