December 16th, 2003
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a mummering we will go…

My morning ritual usually includes opening the window shades to greet the day. Lately I have been enjoying an abundance of bunny tracks all over both my yard and my next door neighbors. I sometimes laugh at the strange drawings they make in the snow and have been waiting to see if at some point they will possibly spell something. Today I looked out at my neighbor’s house and saw this…

Do you think they are trying to tell us something? A friend of mine came to visit and I pointed at the message, “Wow!” he laughed, “you should really photograph that one!” I can’t wait to see what it says tomorrow.
I have taken some inspriration from my friend Alex who has simplified her gift giving down to books, time, and food (I can’t find the exact post). I decided to give the gift of baked goods, and my felted mittens (which turned out quite well.) So I spent much of the weekend covered in flour making shortbread, macaroons, squares, and rum balls. I must say it was the most fun I think I’ve had making gifts and it harkens back to my Newfoundland background (in which a gift is usually baked, knitted, or sewn by hand). Now I am anxiously preparing for an annual party I started several years ago. It is loosely based on the tradition of “Mummering” in which participants dress up to disguise their identity and walk around to different houses singing songs in exchange of a piece of Christmas cake or a drink. The point of the game is to guess the identity of the guests. In our version a large group of people walk around town (sans costume) visiting several houses and having food and drink at each one. We don’t do the guessing thing but there is always a contest of sorts (usually trivia related). The best part about it for me is walking in a snow covered village, and the carol singing after a few drinks, (we have in the group a few folk singers, a guitarist, a violin player, and several drunk altos). Oh the fun we will have!
…I was sent a copy of Danny Gregory’s new book (by the man himself), “Everyday Matters”. It is a beautiful illustrated journal, in part documenting how his wife was run over by a subway train and became paralyzed from the waist down. He talks about how he used drawing as a coping mechanism and how it changed his life. I love this book, it makes one want to run to the journal and start sketching!
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decorating for X-mas 1950′s style. I’m in love with this mobile.

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