August 12th, 2006
a moment to listen

i sit on a marble curb in washington park, waiting for a wireless signal. i discovered one that comes in on the wind now and then. a stolen connection. but i have become tired of having to buy something everytime i want to check my email.
the sun is out, but i found a spot shaded by a big maple tree. i look down at my feet and study the debris closely , leaves, cardboard from a chocolate bar, clear plastic wrappers, cigarette butts, twigs, a piece of glass.
what if you could only make art out of what you found on the street? in a way i already do. i put the pieces together in my mind, combing textures, piling things on top of each other, contrasting colors.
i listen to the sounds of my new surroundings, (new thoughts about sound were inspired by an article by Pauline Oliveros that my husband quoted to me this morning over breakfast. She founded a movement called ‘deep listening’. and i make a note to see if i can audit her class.)
trees moving in the breeze, the distant hum of cars, the typing on my keyboard, the tick of a bike coasting quickly, birds. it has been a while since I’ve spent a summer in a city environment. i had forgotten the sounds.
my head is jumbled with all of the things i think i should be doing right now. work on the book projects. i will get to it soon. what i want to do is read about eva hesse, and the writings of john cage which i just ordered. or ride my bike to the woods. i hope the summer does not pass me by unnoticed. too much time spent doing, not enough being.
the jasmine tea sits cold in my purple mug.

Aug 12 2006
5:31 pm
Claire writes:

I read blogs way too much but only just now when I read this did I get for a second how amazing it is that it’s daytime for you right now, (you must have posted this very recently since usually when I read your posts there are already about 30 comments) you’re sitting under a tree – and here I am in a city (London) at my messy desk, exhausted from work today and checking your blog for a hit of inspiration before I go to bed. I’ve spent most of the summer either in this city or Paris and it’s been one of the best ever. You sound very at peace there in the city… p.s your 100 ideas always gives me the creative jumpstart I need – thank you

Aug 12 2006
8:23 pm
Jess writes:

Such poerty you have left us today.
I’m glad you have shared this little piece.

Aug 13 2006
1:58 am
Alex writes:

Welcome to your new home. Theres so much in this post that is beautiful, but I think I love most is the passing sentence about your husband reading to you over breakfast-how amazing that you two found each other, each as curious and striving as the other.

Aug 13 2006
8:50 am
mary Gordon writes:

ahhh Jasmine tea!

Aug 13 2006
12:30 pm
beastlysum writes:

kerri–welcome to being again. good vibes out to you–

Aug 13 2006
1:01 pm
Michele writes:

So glad you’re doing well Keri. Welcome to the east coast.

Aug 13 2006
3:40 pm
angi b writes:

great post
i could picture everything you described so
what a cool concept to create with what you
see at a given moment.
i love the way you write

Aug 13 2006
8:28 pm
Khani writes:

Glad to see your post. I TOLD you a few months ago all would be well. I have lived a long time and life has its ups and downs. I appreciate your blog and artistic view of life. It inspires me to go out and do art.
Blessings from the heart..
Imagine the possibilities…

Aug 13 2006
8:39 pm
lisa writes:

welcome to town! i hope you are very happy here!
i live in Altamont.

Aug 14 2006
9:38 am
Julia writes:

I do make art from the things I find. I call them Foundlings, and I really enjoy the process:
Regards from a loyal albeit silent follower,

Aug 14 2006
5:03 pm
Sabine writes:

Mmmmmm jasmine tea…

Aug 14 2006
10:10 pm
herhimnbryn writes:

Listening deeply and looking at the minutiae ( spelling?) has always interested me. Your post has reminded me how I do it automatically now throughout my day. I thing starting my blog was in response to some of those sights and sounds.
Thankyou for reminding me.

Aug 15 2006
10:49 am
keri smith writes:

I would like to reiterate to posters that I do not allow anonymous posts on my site. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is if I take responsiblity for my words (and all that that entails) I would like people to be accountable for their opinions and thoughts here as well. I do not have a problem with someone who does not agree with my beliefs, but I believe it is unfair to share your feelings and not allow me to respond to you directly.

Aug 15 2006
11:18 am
R.N. writes:

Can’t wait to hear more about your new town. I’m enjoying your writing.

Aug 15 2006
5:03 pm
Aug 15 2006
7:44 pm
mollie holliday writes:

Glad to see your additional note about anonymous postings! I was thinking about how frustrated you might be about that all afternoon. Indeed I would be beyond annoyed if I wasn’t able to respond to the anonymous poster’s comment. Although I too have mused about how luxurious it might be to have the time to fill a page with small circles and to color them in… I never fail to notice how your suggestions and your writing inspires me and an entire group of loyal fans. You are remarkable – a virtual therapist. Thank you for keeping me on track when it comes to creativity, and don’t EVER doubt that you should be doing “more” for society. Really, you do more than you know!

Aug 15 2006
8:41 pm
Sarah writes:

I’m pretty sure the Rensselaer train station has free wireless- and it’s a nice space, too!

Aug 15 2006
11:53 pm
sue writes:

sunday last, i walked with a visiting friend and my daughter, showed them the table top OCAD building, headed for dim sum on dundas just east of spadina (3rd floor place can’t remember the name, really a simple name)(golden mile??), walked down spadina with some festival going on and traffic not allowed except for the streetcars, turned left onto queen and started walking, pointing out peach beserk,the ants on the cameron,arton beads, and finally romni wool,her desired destination as a knit nut. she was in heaven, and my daughter was bored and catnapped in the wool at the back of the sale section downstairs where a nice 21 year old showed us her striped socks she was knitting , then we met my friend’s family and the rest of mine, at the base of the cn tower awaiting their descent down, while my kids found those ice cream dots in a cup for sale in banana split flavour. see how far you’ve come ??? gathering new memories.

Aug 16 2006
11:02 am
Lesley writes:

Good to “hear” from you again. I have been wondering how you are…check your site regularly (have been reading for three years).
Yours is my favorite sight for inspiration!

Aug 17 2006
9:44 am
Kim writes:

you are inspirational – thank you for making me smile and remember and ponder and think and realise and wonder and wish and know and create and —– just be me!!
I will be coming back frequently – and am now going to go and make myself some jasmine tea.
Thank you kerismith!

Aug 17 2006
11:10 am
Swirly writes:

I love all the details you share here. It makes me feel like I am sitting there right next to you.

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