April 22nd, 2013
A Film inspired by The Guerilla Art Kit

I am hugely flattered. Love the crane dispenser!

Apr 22 2013
11:45 am
Megan Yem writes:

Love it! Esp. the vending machine and the swing… made me smile inside : )

Apr 22 2013
2:39 pm
Camilla writes:

My favorite is the paper person on the swing! Makes me feel happy.

Apr 23 2013
7:52 am
Doris writes:

It’s so cool and it makes me heppy. thanks!

Apr 26 2013
1:44 pm
Julia writes:

I did something similar :)
When I visited my sister in Cambridge (originally we´re from Germandy) we made teeny tiny paper cranes and left them all over town. On bushes, gates, bike baskets and so on. It was super fun watching people find them :)

Apr 30 2013
8:52 pm
Kim writes:

So cool!!! Loved it, and it gave me some ideas of my own to sneak out and do.

May 6 2013
11:50 am
Aisling writes:

oh….my…..gosh…..that was SO inspiring!
I did do something similar on the mirror….
I love her ideas! tee hee he! :)
IDEA: write little notes and quotes on small pieces of paper, fold them up very small, and stick then in between the forked places of dried (fallen down) pine cones! I’ve done this before, and I do not know if anyone found it, but I still thought it was cool!
this really was SO inspiring!

love this video, thanks for INSPIRING INPIRATION (can you tell I like the word inspiring?) :)

Jun 5 2013
10:30 pm
Limner writes:

No idea why this made me tear up. I sat here talking to myself, saying, “What’s wrong with today’s girls thinking they are safe when they sneak out at night?” You know, in THAT vein. You couldn’t have paid me to sneak out when I was her age; it didn’t save me; I might have fared better in the dark. But anyway . . . That’s one of the sweetest things I’ve seen this week. :)

I bought two of your Pocket Scavengers. One for me. One for my friend in England. I’m not big on buying such things, but my friend is so like me when it comes to things like this. Then I happened upon your blog just now. So, thank you.

Jun 10 2013
7:33 am
caroline lawton writes:

beautiful babes! really made me smile, thank you

Jul 31 2013
6:27 am
Zoie writes:

This Video Was So Nice….

Aug 4 2013
7:51 am
Samantha writes:

This was great!

Sep 30 2013
2:54 pm
Astrid writes:

So inspiring! I want to be a guerilla artist!

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